Is Laser for Pigmentation the Best Way Forward?

By 18 January 2016 Articles & Media

Mention the word “pigmentation” and “laser” automatically pops up in one’s mind.

Visit our professional skin clinic to find out whether to choose laser for pigmentation, if this is the best option for you, how long you need between treatments, what are the risks involved and how much downtime you can expect; our team is well-versed in all aspects of skin treatments and conditions and will be able to inform and advise you in a professional and fuss-free manner.

But what exactly is pigmentation?

  • Skin pigmentation, otherwise known as melasma is a chronic skin condition where patches of darker pigment appear on normal skin tone.
  • These are commonly found on the lower jaw, around the eyes, neck, hands and on the forehead.
  • It is an active condition that has to be managed – and is an ongoing one.
  • Hyperpigmentation differ from freckles – freckles are hereditary.
  • You need to realise that different types of pigmentation will require a variety of treatments depending on how deep it is.


  • Hyperpigmentation is caused by chronic inflammation of the skin through various factors – these include acne, dermatitis, destructive chemical peels, penetrating and severe sunburn, wounds and irritation of the skin.
  • Where the actual injury took place is where the pigmentation will in all probability occur.

Hormonal pigmentation:

  • Elevated oestrogen levels during pregnancy, when we take the contraceptive pill, or HRT are all believed to be causes of pigmentation.
  • The discontinuation of HRT treatment and going off the pill do not guarantee that pigmentation will disappear and could quite easily continue to last for many years thereafter.
  • Pigmentation does not disappear once you have had a baby either – in actual fact the chances are that you will get more and more ugly patches on your facial area so stay out of the sun and if you are in the sun, wear a hat and sunscreen all year round – both in summer and in winter.

Dermal pigmentation:

  • Dermal pigmentation is caused by the UVA rays of the sun and is the most common form of pigmentation.
  • UVA rays stimulate melanin which is the body’s natural brown pigmentation.

A combination of treatments, one of them being IPL laser for pigmentation procedures are usually the go-to treatment of getting rid of these unsightly patches on the skin’s surface. Take note that the deeper the pigment, the more difficult it is to treat.

Laser for pigmentation is a non-invasive treatment used to penetrate the dermis to reach the pigment – it gently heats the dermis, thus causing unwanted pigment to break up into smaller particles and in turn moves up to the epidermis where they are easily removed through exfoliation.

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