5 Reasons lip fillers go wrong  

By 15 September 2016 Articles & Media

Although treatment with lip fillers is rapidly gaining in popularity many of my clients are still apprehensive when I suggest it. Unfortunately many of Hollywood’s stars have given lip fillers a bad name. I am relieved to see that the current trend is to have lips that are soft and natural. Despite this, many aesthetic doctors are still getting things wrong. Here are 5 mistakes aesthetic doctors make with lip fillers:


1.Too much of a good thing:

Oversized, bulging lips are definitely out! Need I say more?


  1. The wrong filler:

Lip fillers need to be chosen carefully. They need to be smooth and soft to produce a natural effect. Thinner fillers can be used to define the lips whereas slightly thicker fillers will add volume.


  1. The wrong shape

The contour of the lip is complex. Doctors who have not appreciated this are likely to produce sausage- or duck -shaped lips which are highly unattractive.


  1. The wrong proportions:

The ideal proportion for lips in a Caucasian are an upper lip to lower lip ratio of 2: 3. In Africans or African Americans this is 1:1. Increasing the volume of a thin lip can make a huge difference. However, if the ratios are not adhered to the effect will be unnatural and unbalanced.


  1. One-size-fits-all:

As with any aesthetic treatment, treatment must be tailor-made to suit the client. Angelina Jolie’s lips may look gorgeous on her but may not suit you. Aesthetic doctors need to be able to look with an artist’s eye to create lips that will enhance the unique,naturalbeauty of each face.

The solution? Choose the right doctor and make sure you are getting top-quality filler even if it costs a little extra.


My approach:

I use only top quality imported fillers in my Dermology practice. I am a firm believer in the “less-is-more” approach with fillers especially with the first treatment. One can always add  more at a later point. I work in a very careful and subtle way to make sure that my results are beautiful and natural-looking and that the procedure is as comfortable as possible for my clients.

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