Which Acne Treatment is Best for You?

If you have acne, it is important to find the right acne treatment for your particular skin type – there is definitely no one size fits all solution as far as acne is concerned!

Acne treatments that consist of benzoyl peroxide might prove to be a marvel for those that have a chemical-resistant and oily skin; but for those individuals that have skin that has a tendency towards rosacea, this could be a nightmare.

An exfoliant that is great for eradicating blackheads on greasy skin could be unhelpful for those individuals that suffer from tiny whiteheads and red pimples on a drier skin type.

Save yourself time and money by visiting a professional skincare clinic to find out what type of skin you have and what the best treatment for your acne will be.

There are many different skin types For Acne Treatment:

Skin can be either oily or it could be dry.

And even though many of us are of the belief that acne only happens to those with oily skin, this is not the case.

Only the oil that gathers in the pores and not the moisture on the surface of the skin is a direct cause of acne; therefore excess oil does not necessarily equal acne.

In some instances where individuals have a leaning towards skin sensitivity, it makes little difference what chemicals come in contact with their skins – they will always end up with irritations and redness. These skin types are categorised as being sensitive.

Treatment options chosen for resistant skin types will cause complications and issues for sensitive skin.

Loose or tight skin for Acne Treatment:

Did you know that whether you have loose or tight skin is largely dependent on the way you hold your head?

It makes a world of difference whether your skin or loose or tight when it comes to treating acne.

Gazing upwards towards the sky will reveal all the blemishes on your skin. Loose skin has a tendency to trapping cellular debris and the bacteria that causes acne on the tiny folds of the skin. These folds could be seen as being wrinkles, but it is more common for individuals with acne to have slightly looser skins as they move their heads in an upward and downward motion.

Holding your head with your chin pointing in a downward position will result in tight skin; these individuals will find that their blemishes could disappear into their skins. Tight skin is clear of blemishes at all times. For those with tighter skins there are not usually as many tiny lines in the sin that can cause where acne bacteria tend to breed; furthermore the need for cleansers that are powerful will not be required.

It is important to take the looseness and the tightness of your skin into consideration when selecting an acne treatment for your particular skin type.

Skin Pigmentation:

Furthermore skin might be non-pigmented or pigmented. Here we refer to sporadic pigmentation and not the overall colour and tone of the skin.

In some instances certain skins could be more inclined to colour changes, whether darker or lighter – this happens when acne starts to heal.

The thing is this – if you have Asian, olive, tan or black skin you will more than likely experience pockets of pigmentation changes – more so than those with lighter skins.

Before embarking on any acne treatment, consult our skilled team of experts to offer you advice on what acne treatment will work best on your individual skin type.


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