Anti-Ageing Laser Treatment To Take Years off Your Face

By 12 November 2015 Articles & Media

We all age – that is a fact of life – but the way we age is actually a choice we make. If you have made a concerted effort to take good care of mind, body and soul, then you will see many of these obvious results. And enjoy numerous benefits.

Blemishes as well as sun spots are perhaps the first give-away sign as far as ageing is concerned especially for lighter skins; without doubt the very first manifestations of ageing.

Furthermore, the skin around the eyes and around the mouth is the very first place to show ageing. Some individuals begin to age as early as in their twenties – this applies to damage to the delicate skin experienced in both males and females, and is not a female-only problem.

Today something positive can be done to correct these ageing issues and concerns – we refer to none other than technologically advanced anti-ageing laser treatment.

What are anti-ageing lasers and how do they benefit ageing skin?

  • Anti-ageing laser treatments allow practitioners to make use of the powerful benefits of high intensity lasers for the management of age-related skin imperfections.
  • Some of these imperfections include wrinkles, photo-damage, uneven skin tone, skin laxity as well as wrinkles.
  • Not only is the treatment 100% safe, but it allows for little if no down-time at all.
  • Even though the term “lunch time” procedure seems to be the new fashionable description regarding fast and easy skin treatments, this is actually what takes place – treatment can literally be done within a short space of time – even over a lunch break.
  • The treatment is safe for all skin types.
  • Anti-laser treatment is perfect for the treatment of thin and delicate skin – this is especially pertinent regarding the thin skin found on the neck and face as well as the décolleté areas. 

About anti-ageing laser skin treatment:

Variable depth controls will enable our team of professionals to combine both deep and superficial treatment approaches – this is all dependent on the area targeted, the type of skin or the problems being addressed.

Many individuals are nervous of using Botox or fillers, but selecting the anti-ageing laser treatment route is a great idea as it is non-invasive and for those that are knife-nervous, this is perhaps the best way moving forward.

There is no need for pre-treatment anaesthesia and it is perfectly safe for all skin types.

Anti-ageing lasers are sufficiently powerful to address any challenging and skin imperfections, hyperpigmentation and multi-coloured tattoos while still gentle enough to treat the most sensitive areas and delicate spots on the face, décolleté and neck.

If you want to fight age, but prefer to fight age naturally, choose some of the latest innovations in anti-ageing lasers where the deep mechanical effect focusing the energy below the surface of the skin will create a controlled disturbance in the dermis while leaving the epidermis perfectly intact.

This will in turn stimulate growth of new collagen as well the tightening of the tissue of the skin.

If you are looking for the best lasers and anti-ageing laser treatment, you can choose from one of the many treatment options on offer at our Sandton based Skin Clinic where you will be best advised how best to turn back the clock and achieve wonderfully youthful skin.

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