By Theresa | 30 Jan 2020

The medical aesthetics industry is forever gaining ground and evolving but somehow is always able to find ways to modernize successful previously used and outdated therapies to benefit multiple concerns that are still prominent to date. Carboxy Therapy has become a safe and effective treatment which is easily available to assist in the treatment of stretch marks, fat loss and wrinkle reduction.

What is Carboxy Therapy?

Carboxy therapy or as it’s formally known, Carbon dioxide therapy is the process whereby small amounts of Co2 are injected into the body or superficially under the surface of the skin. This process is used to create an oxygen deficit to prompt an increase in blood circulation to bring fresh red blood cells to the treated area to stimulate a wound healing response and rejuvenate the skin. The increase in new blood flushes out old lymph fluid and stagnant blood from the area.

Carboxy Therapy has been around for over 80 years and carries history of being used in the royal spa’s of France. The Amazing benefits were shown through those that regularly bathed in the thermal waters which were rich in Carbon-Dioxide displayed faster wound healing responses, increased blood circulation and improved the skins texture and elasticity.

What are the Benefits of Carboxy Therapy?

•Safe for all skin types.
•Minimal to No down time.
•Treating multiple concerns in each treatment session.
•Quick and relatively painless, saving you time.
•Can be combined with other treatments for best results.
What should I expect during treatment?

The area is sterilized before-hand, there after a small needle which is attached to the machine and carries the Co2 through a liner is then inserted directly under the surface or into the skin. One can expect a small prick as the needle pierces the skin and as the Co2 travels through you will feel a sharp, cold burning sensation which fades directly after the needle has been removed from the area. The skin feels warm following the treatment due to the increase in blood circulation and can be raised or puffed out, hard and granually to the touch.

Carbon Dioxide therapy is a relatively painless treatment dependant on the location and size of the area being treated. Generally the larger the area, the more Co2 is needed which can make the treatment slightly uncomfortable. Larger areas will often require more entry points to make the treatment more comfortable for the patient.

What are the Indications for Carboxy Therapy?

•Stretch Marks (White & Pink)
•Scarring (New & Old).
•Dark under eye circles.
•Puffy eyes.
•Fat Loss in stubborn areas.
•Cellulite Reduction.
•Anti-aging & Skin rejuvenation.
•Alopecia (Thinning of hair or hair loss)
How often should I do Carboxy and Is it safe?

Carboxy therapy protocols differ from patient to patient, but less is more is not often used in this case making it more beneficial to do treatment as often as 2-3 times per week. For most of us this is not often the easiest to do, so a minimum of 1x treatment per week should be sufficient enough until your desired result is achieved.

Carboxy Therapy has gained popularity worldwide for being a safe, minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate and recondition the quality of the skin. A small amount of bruising can be experienced around the eyes or on larger parts of the body which generally fade within a week.
Who cannot benefit from Carboxy Therapy?

Pregnant woman.
Breast feeding/lactating woman.
Advanced stages of Diabetes.
Blood clotting disorders.
Cardiovascular disorders.
History of dialysis or kidney failure.
History of Chemotherapy or cancer.
Carboxy Therapy Aftercare

There are a few things to expect following your Carboxy therapy treatment such as a light reddening of the skin and a slight burning sensation. Bruising and puffing out are very common, but will fade within a week following treatment. As the Co2 gas carries anti-bacterial properties and the size of the entry point is extremely small, limiting any chance of post treatment infection. It is advisable to not apply any makeup to the area and to avoid bathes 6-8hours following treatment as there have been cases of Co2 “escaping” the area through exposure. As treatment is non-invasive you can otherwise pretty much continue with every day activities as normal.

Carboxy Therapy will continue to grow in leaps and bounds as it gains popularity amongst those in the medical and beauty industry not only for the Amazing benefits it can contribute to an existing treatment plan but to assist in getting you bigger and more Beautiful results.

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