Damage Control: How to avoid post holiday skin problems

By 6 February 2019 Articles & Media

It’s back down to earth with a bump, when the holidays are over, and it’s time to get back to reality. To add insult to injury, many of us find we’re suffering from post holiday blues and bad skin. After the late nights and the exposure to sunshine many find their skin has suffered from discoloration, dryness or even redness, and is definitely feeling rather sensitive in places. So, what your skin needs now is a little tender love and care.

Follow up

For most of my clients we spend the year getting their skin “SELFIE” ready and creating the WOW effect for when they go on holiday. And ladies and gents you did well, you left to go on holiday looking more fabulous than ever. In your bag you had your prevention kit to keep your results and then things fell apart. Despite following the instructions to a T. your skin is no longer as fabulous and photo ready.

Within the first week back from work we, Estheticians get messages saying “I did everything you said but my pigmentation came back or my skin broke out” Please note I said messages, as in plural, you are not the only one.

What happens when we go on holiday, we over indulge! In food, in alcohol, in sun, in environment (whether it was more humid or drier weather that you are used to), our healthy habits change etc. We deviate from our normal activities and then we are surprised when things change in our skin. I am here to tell you a secret. If you have had a consultation with us, you would have heard it before (and here I am really focusing on our pigmentation clients), once you have it YOU HAVE IT FOR LIFE. It is something we will constantly have to manage and at times treat. Yes you have heard it before but in all the excitement of perfect looking skin you have achieved you forgot and now you are panicking.

What do I do now?

When you return it’s essential to indulge in some serious skin TLC. Give your skin that extra boost. If you have been in hot dry climates let’s put some moisture back (try Dr Schrammek’s Moisture Intense Hydrating Ampoules. If you have been in humid conditions are break outs are troubling you, try Dr Schrammek’s Impurity Stop Ampoules. Come in for a follow up consultation so we can put together your personalised skin care plan for the year so that 2019 can be an even better year than 2018.

Keep hydrated

A change in temperatures and climate may mean you may become dehydrated. A trip in the aeroplane can also affect the moisture levels in your skin, leaving it dry, so drink plenty of water and use the correct homecare for your skin in its current condition. Not sure what to you? We do, come see us.

Catch up on sleep

If your holiday meant a string of late nights, give the party scene a rest and try to catch up on some zzzs. A good night’s sleep is essential to restoring your skin’s glow.

Eat healthily

A change in your diet’s routine may also affect your skin. Some holidays are all about indulging in the local food, so get back to good habits with plenty of fresh fruit and veg to top up on helpful vitamins.

Maintenance Treatments

If you were treating pigmentation, book your follow up BBL or Cosmelan Treatment. Treating breakouts – have you booked your next peel or Forever Clear Treatment? As with all great things in life consistency and persistence is key.

We are looking forward to continuing your personalized skin journey in 2019. You can book by calling 0118831031 or sending us a WhatsAppp 0764248809

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