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Dark Skin Treatment

The Dark Skin Treatments at Dermology can safely be used on all skin types utilising world class technology. The darker skins can now safely improve their skin concerns efficiently. It is important to realise that there are different causes of pigmentation that will affect dissimilar types of skin and the skin of different races. Whether you have Black skin, Asian skin or Caucasian skin – these will all react differently to the varying causes of pigmentation and the treatments will definitely vary largely one from the other. In South Africa people of colour make up a large group of the population which are of African and Asian descent. Patients of mixed backgrounds that have more darkly pigmented skin will also fall into this group. Darker-skinned individuals are found to be seeking aesthetic procedures more often with really good results, some of these include high-tech laser procedures that are non-invasive – special concerns are applied when addressing the treatment of dark skin.

Renewing Skin 

In the past the more traditional way to treat PIH has been to bleach the darkened pigment through the use of hydroquinone-based products which is only available through prescription by medical practitioners. Despite the best efforts to bleach hyperpigmentation and using exfoliation treatments, pigment from PIH can be persistent and long-lasting. There is a definite element missing in the more conventional fading creams and many have unpleasant side effects. Treating pigmentation is difficult – almost similar to taking one step forward and one step backwards. The challenge is to take care of dark skin, fade the pigmentation and heal it without causing further rebound hyperpigmentation.

Laser and Light-Based Treatment

Laser and Light-Based Treatments such as IPL and Fraxel Lasers all work wonders when it comes to pigmentation of darker skins.

Once you have made a decision to go ahead with the procedures, ensure you choose competent and skilled aestheticians, such as the specialists at Dermology which is a medical laser and skin clinic focusing in hyperpigmentation treatments specifically aimed at Black African, Asian and Arabic skin types.

What are the risks?

Hyperpigmentation is one of the conditions often experienced by people of colour. Hyperpigmentation is more commonly known as having dark spots. These spots are often caused by acne, cuts or disorders such as psoriasis. Extremely sensitive cells, referred to as Melanocytes, either stop producing colour (hypopigmentation) or they produce excessive colour resulting in inflammation (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – PIH) which is commonly found in areas where acne blemishes have healed, leaving dark spots behind. Although these will fade within time – it can be quite debilitating and persistent.
Enlarged Pores 
Melasma/Hormonal Pigmentation
Skin Tags
Wrinkles and Sagging Skin
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Darker Skin Types are prone to excess oil, and can result in acne. Even though there are many different types of treatments available to treat acne, not all can be done on darker skins. We use a combination of Blue Light and Superficial Chemical Peels to improve Acne in Darker Skins.

Treatment Options :

• Pumpkin Peel™
• BBL Acne™
Large Pores can be seen in all skins, however it is more visible in patients with oily skins. Large Pores can easily be treated with a combination of peels and resurfacing lasers to improve the skin texture.

Treatment Options:

• Fire & Ice Peel™ • Moxi™
• Nano Peel™
• Profractional™
Melasma usually occurs in women going through hormonal stages in their lives, like pregnancy or taking the contraceptive pill. It appears as a mask over the whole or partial face. This is also called “the mask of pregnancy”. Darker Skin types have larger melanocytes than other skin tones and they are more easily triggered to produce pigment. Therefore when the skin is not protected by a Sunblock properly, the risk of Hyperpigmentation is High.

Treatment Options:

• Cosmelan™
• Moxi™
Skin tags can easily be removed from the skin by using a safe resurfacing laser. The procedure is very quick and the risk for scarring is minimal.

Treatment Options:

• CO² Resurfacing
Deep Wrinkles can occur at a later stage in our lives, especially if the skin is extremely dry. We treat deep wrinkles, in darker skin, with our world class resurfacing lasers and aesthetic injectables. We have the latest technology to treat Sagging Skin on all skin types. A combination of resurfacing lasers and Chemical Peels, will rejuvenate the skin and increase collagen production

Treatment Options:

• Moxi™
• BBL Forever Young™
• Profractional™
• Nano Peel™
• Fire & Ice Peel
• SkinTyte II™


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Dermology’s goal is to produce the best results possible for all our patients, however, everyone is different. Responsiveness to procedures, protocols or ingredients may vary from person to person. Consultation are compulsory.