I’ve heard so many people say “I’m scared of a chemical peel” or “I’m scared to do any treatments that are more invasive than a facial” …

But are facials still the same as what they were 20 or 30 years ago? Can facials give our skin what they need in this day and age?

“Unfortunately people that are too afraid to do chemical peels or more invasive treatments have normally had a bad experience or have heard a story from somebody else who had a bad experience, and therefore avoid having them done.”

Products and technology have evolved over many years improving the quality, making these treatments safe and effective. This will result in much better and more visible results.

Everybody responds differently to treatment, and you cannot compare someone else’s reactions or results to what yours will be.

Why is a facial just not enough anymore?


There is nothing wrong with a lovely facial to spoil yourself and enjoy “me-time”, especially if you want a nice hydration boost before a function. There are numerous different types of facials available. Most of them would ensure the following:

  • Relaxation
  • Pampering
  • Short Term Hydration
  • Maintenance

Facials can be indicated for different concerns, but chances that they alone will improve acne, fine lines/wrinkles or pigmentation are very slim.


With chemical peels, your success rate is much higher when it comes to treating concerns such as:

• acne, congestion, breakouts
• dehydration
• skin texture
• some forms of pigmentation
• superficial fine lines

Depending on the depth of the peels, you can expect gentle resurfacing of the skin which will stimulate the skin’s metabolism to increase cellular turnover and therefore brighten a dull and tired skin.

As peels have developed it allows for more people to be able to have these treatments done for all skin types from 1 through to skin type 6. Peels have become extremely popular as it is a time effective treatment for a lot of business people and people that are constantly on the move. Downtime is dependant on the level of depth of the peel that was done.

I have definitely seen the power of a chemical peel as I treat my patients on a daily basis, and one of my favorite concerns to treat is acne. When you use the right treatment on the right type of skin you get absolutely beautiful results. I have even seen a lot of clients come off medication which was given to help their skin by just doing the correct treatments and using the correct home care system.

How often should I get a chemical peel done?

Superficial peels can be done every week to every 2 week depending on the depth of the peel. Deeper peels can be done every month or 2 and then of course you have specific peels that is indicated only every 6 – 8 months (depending on the concern), or even ONCE OFF.

We love to combine our superficial to medium depth peels with laser procedures for optimum results. We know everybody is different, therefore by combining different procedures, we are able to achieve better results.

What type of peel should I get?

Here at Dermology we have a wide range of different chemical peels so that we are able to treat all concerns on all skin types.


Rejuvenates, Hydrates, Lightly exfoliates and Brightens the skin. This peel is perfect for functions and events as it has no downtime. This is also a wonderful treatment to maintain your skin health and glow right through pregnancy and breastfeeding.


• congested
• oily
• acne-prone

Depending on the level in which we treat, there can be some mild flaking/shedding of the skin for about 3 – 5 days.


• dull and lifeless looking and feeling skin
• dehydrated
• Light scarring

The Green Peel uses natural herbs to increase the cell turnover rate to give you healthier skin.


These peels are the “go to” of all treatments when you have tried just about everything and nothing seems to work. We have seen this helps for some of the worst cases of melasma and pigmented skin, after only one treatment.

We know that choosing the right treatment can be challenging.

Come in for a consultation so we can asses your skin and give you that beautiful skin you long for.

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