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Hair Removal

Because we see many women and men concerned with increased hair growth at our clinic, we are often asked how much hair is normal for a woman. There is no absolute answer.

50% of women remove facial hair at least once in a while and ten percent remove it two or more times a week. This dislike of hair is not confined to women — more and more men are opting to have chest or back hair removed as well. Men often opt for laser hair removal treatment on the beard area to treat and prevent ingrown hairs.

When visiting Dermology medical skin clinic for the first time a highly trained hair removal specialist will assess the area of concern and discuss all treatment options with you.

There is no sharp dividing line between normal and abnormal amounts of hair. Facial and body hair is a very personal matter. Unwanted hair on the visible areas of the body like hands, feet, face , back and chest one of the main cosmetic problems faced today by many women and men.

Genetic or Racial Factors

Women who are from the Indian sub-continent, Mediterranean countries are more likely to have unwanted hair growth than women from European, East Asian or Native American origin. You are also prone to having more facial hair growth if it runs in your family.

Hormonal imbalance

There are certain medical conditions that could cause excess production of male hormones in women and lead to hirsutism. The most common cause of hormonal imbalance is polycystic ovarian

Did you know medications of certain kinds could lead to excessive body or facial hair growth? There are a few medications for example Testosterone that can lead to an increase in hair growth on the face.

Androgen Hormones

Now some of you must be wondering how androgens could affect your body when they are male hormones. The truth is that women also have certain levels of androgens in their body. The hair that appears on the face is basically a response to the presence of androgens. When a woman sees too much hair growing on her face, it is because the level of androgens in her body could be higher. When the androgen levels are normal, the growth of hair is also normal.

Other Reasons

There are other small reasons that contribute towards the growth of unwanted facial hair. Birth control pills often have an effect on the androgen levels. There are other drugs such as medicines that treat health conditions and diseases such as seizures, migraines, schizophrenia, high blood pressures, headaches, etc.

To start treating your unwanted hair today, book your first treatment at the Dermology skin clinic.

You will have an initial consultation with one of our highly qualified hair removal specialists, where we will assess the area and discuss which treatment is best for you. The treatment can be done the same day as your initial consultation
Laser Hair Removal on Caucasian Skin
Laser Hair Removal for African, Asian or Dark Skin
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Caucasian/ light Skin can be treated with a few different methods at Dermology. Both methods are relatively pain-free and works very well.

• Forever Bare BBL™
Over the years it was always a bit more tricky to treat darker skin with lasers. However, at Dermology, we treat Darker Skins effectively, especially in the Laser Hair Removal Division. We use the latest technology and proved over and over that it is the most effective.

• NDYAG Dark skin hair removal
• Forever Bare BBL™


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