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The skin is one of your largest bodily organs and as much as try to patch it up like an old pair of denims, it’s the only one you’ve got. Your skin is ultimately a reflection of your health and the lifestyle you lead, making it important to care for it the same way you would on the inside. By feeding your skin with nutritiously rich ingredients you are ultimately supporting it to function optimally.

So many options, where do I start? 

Finding your best skincare regime is very similar to shopping for shoes, you’ve got to find the perfect fit. You ideally would like something that is comfortable, easy to wear and is not going to break the bank either, but is able to give you the support you need.

The basics: Clean, Hydrate and Protect. 

I would always recommend starting with the basics as a good foundation and then building your regime up from that point. By starting off simple it will give you the opportunity to develop good habits before becoming overwhelmed by a mountain products collected on your bathroom counter.


Ensuring that your skin is thoroughly cleansed twice a day will help in removing any makeup/product residue build up from the day, preventing breakouts and allowing your skin to fully absorb freshly applied ingredients. A cleanser means exactly that, to cleanse, so you ideally want a cleanser that is not a “3 in 1” but does help in treating your skin concerns and fits well with your skin type.


Your skin naturally has a protective barrier which allows it to keep all the “good stuff” in and all of the “bad stuff” out. By using harsh ingredients, this can generally strip away this natural barrier leaving the skin dehydrated, sensitive or extremely oily as an after effect to counter balance the severe dryness. Moisturizing feeds the skin with reparative ingredients to restore its barrier and boost the skins hydration levels.


Excessive amounts of UVA exposure are one of the biggest contributing factors to pre-mature aging and sun damaged skin. Natural defense mechanism’s against these rays are in place but by applying SPF regularly you are able to give your skin the extra protection that it needs from incidental sun exposure throughout the day.

How do the products I use affect my clinic treatment results? 

The products that you use can greatly affect your treatment results you are aiming to achieve. The combination therapy often work hand and hand to treat, strengthen your skin and can help you to maintain your treatment results.

Using the correct home care will enable your skin to respond better to recommended treatments and ensure that your results will continue to move forward, not backwards. Clinical treatments done are there to assist you in the process of improving your current skin condition. This makes it extremely important to ensure that what you use on your skin every single day gives your skin the support that it needs.

I’ve got the basics sorted, what next? 

Once you’ve got the basics down, your next move would be to start incorporating the use of targeted treatment products that will work specifically on those areas that concern you the most. As this generally applied to the skin on a daily/weekly basis, it assists us to treat the skin between clinic visits.


Whatever the cause, the skin will often present with big, painful, yellow heads as a cry for help to show us that it’s not happy and action needs to be taken. Exfoliating agents such as salicylic acid, AHA, BHA and retinoids help to keep the skin clean by gently removing any build up of dead skin cells and sticky oil secretions. These ingredients can often be applied on a daily basis or as a weekly treatment to assist in treating and improving your current skin condition.

Top product picks:

Dermaquest Dermaclear Serum | IS Clinical Active Serum | Dr Schrammek Herbal Care Lotion | Dermaquest BHA Cleanser


Pigmentation can often display itself on the skin in many different shapes and sizes. Most pigmentation found on the skin is caused by many years of UV exposure, most of which is occurred before the age of 18 years. Other types of pigmentation can be caused by certain medications, inflammation, lifestyle, pregnancy and stress. Although they appear differently, they all stem from the same branch of mutated melanocyte cells, the specialized cell solely responsible for the production of pigment.

Treating all forms of pigmentation will include the use of Tyrosinase inhibitors, which are specialized enzymes that are absorbed into the skin to quite literally remove the wheels off of the bus that constantly delivers messages to your melanocyte cell telling it to make more pigment. This means that the bus stays parked and does not make any trips throughout the day. This step is vital when having in clinic treatments done, preventing any further pigment from developing as a side effect of the inflammation created.

Once your excess pigment production has been halted, the next step is to treat the pigmentation currently sitting on the skin. Incorporating the use of exfoliating agents such as retinoids and AHA, we can gently assist new skin to be produced from the very bottom layers to move the older/pigmented cells up to the surface to be removed.

Top product picks:

Dr Schrammek Melawhite Vitamin C Serum | Dermaquest Skinbrite Serum | Dermaquest Skinbrite Cream | IS Clinical Active Serum | IS Clinical Super Serum


We are all made up of many tiny little blood vessels that help to supply our bodies and skins with fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients. All skins over time will change due to UV rays or age and as a result the tiny blood vessels will begin to weaken, showing up more closely towards the surface of the skin. Having red visible veins, especially on the face can put a damper on your self esteem as you become more self conscious of it.

By incorporating antioxidants with your in clinic treatments to target the redness will help to protect and strengthen the veins, therefore improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Top product picks:

Dermaquest Delicate Soothing Serum | Dr Schrammek SOS Balm | IS Clinical Proheal Serum

Investing in using the correct home-care for your specific skin concerns can mean the difference between getting good results vs great results from your in clinic treatments. As your skin changes over time, the products that you will use on your skin will change too that best suit your current concerns. Ultimately at the end of the day you cannot treat your skin like a flip flop and expect it to look like a stiletto.

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