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Lines and Wrinkles

The Dermology skincare clinic specialises in safe, affordable, effective treatment options for both the face and body. Our highly trained team of professionals make it their goal to ensure every patient receives the results and care that they deserve. This attention to detail and individual patient care is what sets Dermology apart from any other clinic.

In order to treat wrinkles and fine lines we need to know what they are and how they are caused. For those of us who want to maintain a young and supple skin for as long as possible but are apprehensive about going under the knife there are many less invasive methods in the form of intensive anti-ageing serums, Botox and dermal fillers as well as a wide range of skin tightening treatments.

Let’s look at the skin
The skin is made up of three layers; the epidermis, the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The epidermis becomes a lot thinner and less sticky as we get older causing the skin to dry out. Every decade the moisture of our skin is reduced by at least 10%. The drying out of the skin when ageing also affects the dermis due to a reduction of collagen which is produced; furthermore the elastic fibres which provides us with elasticity diminishes which is why our skin begins to sag as we age. To top it all, perspiration is greatly reduced due to the lessening of sweat glands. Wrinkles and lines on our skin are ridges and creases on the epidermis.

What causes Ageing of our Skin?

• Sun
• Weather 
• Bad Habits

The following factors will determine HOW your skin ages:

• Lifestyle
• Diet
• Heredity
• Personal habits like smoking

Free Radicals damage all the healthy cells in your skin and this will lead to premature ageing. Stress is another big factor, as well as daily facial movement, excess weight and the position of sleep.

These are the changes you will notice in your skin as you age:

• Skin will become uneven
• Sun Spots/lesions can develop
• Elastin Decreases, therefore the skin will become more loose.
• The epidermis thins as we get older, causing a transparent look.
• Skin bruises easily, due to thinner blood vessel walls.
• Fatloss in cheeks, temples, chin, around the nose and eyes
• Bone loss is also very common around the mouth and chin area over the age of 60
• Cartilage loss of the nose

So what is the biggest contribution to ageing... THE SUN

UV Rays from the sun damage the elastin in our skin. When the elastin decrease, certain concerns in the skin will be noticed like sagging and stretched. The skin will also bruise more easily and will take longer to heal. This type of damage will not show during the younger years, but it will be more visible as you age.

We love the saying: The best wrinkle to treat is NO WRINKLE! Therefore start off by protecting your skin every single day with a good sunblock, wearing a hat and staying out of direct sunlight.

There are secondary factors that will also contribute to even more changes in the skin like: gravity, movement of the facial muscles and your sleep position. Expression lines become more visible around the ages of 30’s and 40’s. They may appear in all directions all over the face but especially on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth.

When we sleep in a certain position frequently, memory lines can be caused (sleep creases). This is due to how the head is placed on the pillow. As we lose elasticity, the skin will struggle to go back to normal and will therefore remain creased as we age. Therefore we find this type of lines on the sides of the forehead. A great tip to remember is to rather sleep on your back, as it will prevent any more sleep crease lines to form.

Smoking cause deep wrinkles around the mouth area especially. There is a big difference between a smoker and a non-smokers skin, even if they are the same age, skin colour and history of sun exposure. Their skin will look sallow and dull.

We see fine lines and wrinkles as well as deep lines on a daily basis at Dermology. It’s a common concern that we improve well past the satisfaction rate.

Other causes of wrinkles and lines on the skin:

• Exposure to UVA and UVB rays can account for up to 90% of our skin ageing, causing lines and wrinkles.

• Race plays an important role in the wrinkling of the skin due to pigmentation protection.

• Environmental factors such as cigarette smoke and pollution can also impact negatively on the skin.

• The rapid loss of weight can also cause lines and wrinkles when the volume of fat cells is drastically reduced – this especially applies to rapid weight loss in the face.

Wrinkles and lines on the skin can be treated:

• With retinoic acid which is applied to the skin to smooth out the texture

• Anti-ageing serums are the new frontier of anti-ageing that, if used correctly and effectively can produce miraculous results for the skin.
Deep Wrinkles and Sagging / Loose skin
Crepey/Thin Skin 
Naso Labial Folds
Smokers Lines 
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There are two factors that create the hollowing and sagging appearance on the face. These factors are tissue atrophy and bone resorption. Therefore gravity is not the only culprit when it comes to ageing.

• Profractional XC™
• BBL Forever Young™
• Skin Tyte™
• Nano Peel™
This usually appears during the process of ageing. The skin then also bruises very easily and looks extremely dull.

• Profractional XC™
• Skin Tyte II™
• Nano Peel™
The lines appear at the corner of the mouth. They appear later in our lives, due to volume and skin elasticity loss.

• Skin Tyte II™
• Nano Peel™
• Profractional™
• Laser Facelift
These lines are the deep vertical lines on the upper lip. You can see it often as people age—those vertical lines or wrinkles that form on and around the upper lip. Technically, they’re called “perioral lines.” More commonly: smoker’s lines.And, yes, they can be caused by smoking. The problem is many women who never smoked develop them too, sooner or later.Any kind of movement similar to smoking can contribute to this very unattractive appearance. We see this concern many times at Dermology and it can be treated successfully with the following:

• Laser Facelift
• Profractional™


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