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Million Dollar Facial

The following skin concerns will benefit from this treatment:

-Dull/ Dry skin
-Underlying Congestion
-Post Acne Scarring
-Fine lines and wrinkles
-Acne Breakouts
-Blonde/Grey fluffy facial hair
-Irregular skin texture

On your marks, get set, GO!

Preparation is the key in all facial procedures as it sets the starting point of the treatment and is essential in getting the skin ready for what’s to come next.

During this step we remove products such as make-up, SPF, and build up of superficial dead skin cells by using a pre-cleanser and exfoliating facial wash. This is done to ensure that we rid the skin of any bacteria or barriers preventing ingredients from being absorbed into the skin or will interfere with our desired treatment results.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Exfoliation is a crucial part of maintaining your skins health as it stimulates your skin cell turnover to increase so that healthy, new and fresh skin is able to move its way up to the surface, ultimately to replace the top layer of skin that was there before. A build up of dead skin can lead to sluggish collagen/elastin production, dull and breakout prone skin.

Dermaplaning is one of the signature steps in our million dollar facial treatment protocol and also forms part of our preparation phase. The skin is de-greased to ensure for a clean working surface and a silky smooth facial oil is applied to allow for a gentle gliding movement over the skin.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a specialised treatment whereby we are able to remove only the very top layers of dead skin and superficial vellus facial hair, also known as “peach fuzz”. This is done using a facial tool that gently glides back and forth over the skin at a 45′ degree angle, avoiding those important areas such as eyebrows, lips and lashes. This process is completely pain free and comfortable with a slightly scratchy ‘cat tongue’ sensation which will eventually create a smoother, brighter and less congested skin.

Will my facial hair grow back darker/thicker?

The light, fluffy vellus hair typically found on the face will grow back exactly the same way it used it to be, not any darker or any thicker, as we are not able to change the structure of the follicle just by shaving off the tip of the hair. As the hair grows back you may experience a slight prickle as the hair breaches the surface of the skin but will shortly normalise after reaching this point.

Getting straight to the ‘Point’.

Treatments such as micro-needling offer multiple benefits to the skin by creating micro injuries to stimulate a wound healing response to increase skin cell turnover and fibroblast activity. Targeted treatment serums are applied to the surface of the skin as a gliding medium, which will in turn travel through the newly created micro-channels and will assist in treating specific skin concerns.

What is Micro-needling?

The micro-needling procedure uses a specialised treatment pen, fitted with a new sterile cartridge for every patient which is filled with 12 micro-needles. These micro-needles move vertically in and out of the skin at a rapid speed covering the entire face, including lips and eyelids. The process has a slight scratchy sensation and the skin will feel slightly warm/hot afterwards because of the increase in blood flow.

How deep do the needles go?

The skin is made up of different layers and because of this it determines how deep we need to work into those layers to reach our target area. The MDF was designed to be a no downtime treatment so this wont require us to work very deep into the skin making it more comfortable, however the treatment can be customised to work deeper into the skin to treat concerns such as post acne/pitted scarring and wrinkle reduction.

Light up my life… and skin.

Light therapy is considered to be our secret weapon, setting our million dollar facial apart from others, making it the perfect addition to this already popular and specialised facial treatment. This procedure works by scattering light into the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate new skin cell production, constrict broken capillaries and stimulate fibroblast activity. The gentle, pain-free application of light on the skin will assist with the following conditions:

-Reducing Inflammation in Acne prone skins.
-Increasing Collagen and Elastin Production.
-Improving skin tone and texture.
-Reducing Redness/Broken Capillaries.
-Improves appearance of post acne scarring marks.

The intensity of the light therapy is lowered to make the treatment more comfortable to gently warm up the skin and specialised filters are used to ensure safety, making it suitable for all skin types.

Just ‘Masking’ around

We have incorporated the use of specialised saturated sheet masks infused with treatment serums to hydrate and repair the skin. The masks create a cool and calming barrier, helping to improve product absorption without completely drying out like traditional masks and assist in reducing inflammation in the skin after the treatment with the use of calming ingredients.

Our mask application is then followed by a relaxing neck and shoulder massage to loosen up and relieve muscular tension.

The face is often our main priority in treatments but its important to not forget about optional add on treatment areas such as:

-Neck and Chest.

What can I expect after having this treatment done?

After experiencing our million dollar facial you will often leave your treatment with the signature ‘glowing’ appearance of the skin. The skin will be noticeably brighter and smoother in texture thus allowing better product absorption and a flawless make up application. As everyone’s skin is different here are some other after effects you may experience:

-Slight sensitivity/ sunburn sensation.
-Hot/Warm skin.
-Mild skin flakiness 2-3 days post treatment.

How often is this treatment recommended and how can I incorporate this into my current treatment plan?

The Million Dollar Facial is recommended to be done once per month as part of maintaining your post treatment results. This can however be used in conjunction with your current treatment plan done 2 weeks apart between laser/peels to boost and improve your overall skin results.

Pre/Post Treatment Care:

-Prior to your million dollar facial it is advised to discontinue use of any exfoliating ingredients about 2-3 days before and after your treatment to avoid the skin from reacting to any active product ingredients used on the skin.
-Avoid excessive sun exposure, the use of SPF and protective wear such as hats is always recommended.
-As the skin has been treated it is often recommended that the use of a post recovery serum/cream is used 3-5 post treatment to assist with creating a temporary barrier until the skins upper most layers have repaired and have been restored back to normal.
-Aesthetic treatments such as Botox/Fillers can be directly after your treatment/ 10-14 days prior to your treatment.

We at Dermology look forward to creating an unforgettable skin experience for you and being a special part of your skin’s journey.


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Dermology’s goal is to produce the best results possible for all our patients, however, everyone is different. Responsiveness to procedures, protocols or ingredients may vary from person to person. Consultation are compulsory.