My TOP 5 treatments this summer

By Lourette | 17 Dec 2019

Finally, our summer break is here!

I have been running Dermology for the past 6 years, and every time leading up to December, we often get an increase in visits to the practice, especially during the last week just before Christmas. There are numerous different reasons, but it all comes down to the quick fix to get a fresh look.
“Looking after yourself” gained a whole new meaning over the last couple of years. It’s not about just making sure you stay healthy, but also enhancing of your already beautiful features e.g. looking after your hair, nails, skin and body. By doing this, we also boost our self-confidence. The skinny Barbie doll look is old news. I strongly feel that we are all unique and the world needs to see it. The most important part is that LOOKING AFTER YOURSELF means different things to everyone. We are all different…

If we continue to focus on our features we don’t like, the world will continue to highlight those features to us. But if you focus on your features you do like about yourself, just wait and see how the world celebrates it!! Lewis Howes, he is an amazing inspirational public figure, says:


Being a Somatologist with over 14 years’ experience in the Beauty and Medical Aesthetic Industry, I have worked with or have been exposed to many different procedures/machines/technology/products/trends. I have also been actively involved in running our business for over 6 years, attending and speaking at numerous aesthetic congresses and functions. I offer the treatments that my team and I believe in at Dermology. As our industry is forever changing, I make sure to keep up with the trends and the new techniques, so that we can continue to offer only the best to our patients.
Before I go in to deep, I wanted to focus on a few things we offer that can help you highlight your beautiful features. These were in fact the top 5 treatments this season. We are a complete professional team of skin enthusiasts, with different qualifications to be able to bring our patients the full package. Here Somatologist, Laser Specialist, Aesthetic Doctor and Integrative Medicine Doctor come together to offer the best combination of procedures, by looking at the bigger picture and therefore focusing on getting a long lasting result. Every patient we meet, we see as a journey. It’s their skin journey we assist them with, to reach a result, but then also maintain those results and also have plans in place when any flare ups should take place or skin concerns change.

The top 5 treatments this summer at Dermology:


Often I still hear people say, NO they don’t want BOTOX lips… This just means that this person is still uneducated when it comes to these procedures. The truth is, you definitely know more people than you realize who gets these procedures done. Think of your colleague with the “fresh” look, like he or she gets lots of sleep. Yes, they probably get their fair share of #babytox now and then. Babytox is the entry level to Botox. It’s a small amount of the anti wrinkle injections, strategically placed by our expert doctor, to make sure your crows feet or frown line softens. We launched Babytox earlier this year, and it was so well received. More people are opting for this option, especially if it is their first time having BOTOX done. Some other concerns this wonderful injection can treat:

•Forehead Lines
•Frown Lines
•Brow Lift (to open up sleepy looking eyes)
•Bunny Lines (on your nose, when you laugh)
•Jaw Muscles (this makes woman look more muscular, so by softening this muscle, the appearance will smooth out as well, very visible in people who grinds their teeth)
•Gummy Smile
•Lip Flip
•Neck Bands (when we get older, and start to loose volume, those neck bands are one of the first signs)
•Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating on area of the body, most popular areas are under the arms, palms of hands, soles of feet, back, chest, head)

I hope this makes it a bit more clear, anti wrinkle injections are not to puff up your lips, and no, you WONT stand out as someone “who had work done”. Expect comments like: “you look so rested” or “you are glowing”.

Dermal Fillers have also taken a turn. The Doctors all over the world have been focusing on developing expert techniques to achieve fantastic results. Again, not to puff up the face or make you look plastic. But rather to ENHANCE your features according to your face shape. Dr Asmal has done some incredible work this year, where he focuses on refreshing the face, enhancing features, but most importantly listening to the patient. Dermal Fillers can be done for many different features such as shaping lips, enhancing cheekbones, chins and even making the jaw more masculine for men. These are no longer procedures for the rich and famous. Men and Women from all demographics are now opting for these procedures, as they have minimal downtime, with natural and immediate results.


At Dermology we combine procedures, because no person is the same. Even when we focus on just one machine or peel, you must know that we will be adding/chopping/changing the procedure to make it perfect for YOU!

The South Beach Peel is a fantastic treatment to get rid of sundamage and dull/tired looking skin. We combine two of our most popular procedures, BBL CORRECTIVE & NANO LASER PEEL, to make sure we tackle the skin from all angles. Downtime involves redness and slight swelling during your first morning after the procedure, and then peeling of the skin for the next couple of days. Once the skin is done, you will see beautiful glowing skin. This has been a favorite, especially because it smooths the skin out and ensures an even skin tone… a skin ready to take to the beach and spend minimal time in front of the mirror J


The Gold Standard Depigmentation Peel!

We love this peel, because it works. I have been working with the Cosmelan/Dermamalan products for many years now. Everytime a new depigmentation product is launched, I make sure to try and test it, but Cosmelan is still the best in my opinion. We usually opt for this method when the patient is at their witts end. They have tried numerous different treatments/products, nothing worked or may have given a slight improvement.

It’s considered to be a “once off” peel, as it generally gets rid of bulk of excess pigmentation in one go, however if you are dealing with stubborn pigmentation such as Melasma, a whole different approach needs to be taken and you need to make sure you are in well experienced hands. Melasma is not an easy concern to treat, and it should never be under estimated. In our practice we have probably 2 cases A DAY!! It’s a very common concern, and when treated correctly, you can get fantastic results and maintain those results. We are also just a whatsapp away should the Melasma flare up again (because that’s what you can expect for this type of pigmentation), so that we can assist our patients immediately with the what now, how to and when.

Many people think Cosmelan can only be done during Winter, this is a very conservative approach. We do Cosmelan procedures with success throughout the year. It all comes down to the relationship between therapist and patient, clear instructions and frequent communication/follow ups.


This will stay a favorite with patients but also therapists. Dramatic results can be expected immediately post procedure, so it’s a fantastic treatment to do before a function or a weekend away. The immediate results are not long lived, but then you will notice about 3 months down the line, a sudden improvement in skin sagging and fine lines and wrinkles. This is due to the collagen synthesis that took place during the 3 months. And these results are long term!

With SKINTYTE II we get immediate and long term results, our patients are happy, and most of the time I find my staff doing skin tyte on themselves during their lunch breaks. Leading up to the summer holiday, it has been a big hit! Especially since there is no downtime after the procedure.


Platelet Rich Plasma. We have all seen many Doctors writing articles about the PRP system that took our industry by storm. It was first noted on social platforms when Kim Kardashian did the well known “Vampire Facial”. It’s a brilliant procedure to get your body to heal ITSELF! Therefore all natural. The beauty of this is that you can treat basically anything with PRP. Popular PRP Procedures at Dermology these past couple of months were:

•Vampire Facelift

Rejuvenation of the skin with your own liquid gold

•Hair Restoration

A very popular method to increase hair growth

•V and P Shot

To improve the health of your sexual organs and many more benefits

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