There’s no other feeling in the world like staring into my baby’s eyes and thinking WOW… I grew a baby.

My baby is now 7 months old and the sweetest little human. I have been fortunate enough to be pregnant twice in my life. A woman’s body carries the memories and the reminders of how a tiny life grew inside you, and nobody should be ashamed of it.

As skin is my PASSION I really wanted to test and try everything to see what helps and what does not. Like I said, nobody should be ashamed of their “tiger-stripes” or baby tummies. However if you want to treat it, it’s definitely possible!

My skin changed almost from the day I was pregnant. During my first pregnancy my body was extremely dry, and I had to moisturize almost three times a day!! During my second pregnancy I got breakouts on my face, which I NEVER GET! This is just to name a few changes.


With the little life inside your tummy, he/she is your very first priority. I almost want to say take your body changes in your stride and just enjoy the pregnancy. But there are a few safe steps we can follow while pregnant to make sure our skin stays healthy.


  • KEEP YOUR SKIN HYDRATED! Moisturise! Think about it: Your skin stretches beyond what you ever believed it’s capable of. If the skin is dry and not in tip top shape, chances for stretch marks are higher. BUT this is just a helpful method to avoid or decrease the amount or severity of the stretch marks. EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT!!! If you are prone to stretch marks, you will get them never mind what you do. However you can decrease the risk/severity.
  • HEALTHY DIET! This is number one important for Baba, but it will also ensure that your skin stays healthy. Not only will an unhealthy diet add to the extra weight you will be putting on, but it can also worsen the random acne breakout you might get due to hormonal changes.
  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Water is key in our lives, I am sure everybody knows by now why. Keep your body hydrated.
  • PRODUCTS! Be careful what you use to moisturize with. Products like IS Clinical’s Super Serum is 100% safe and brilliant to take care of your stretching skin. In fact, there whole range is safe during pregnancy.
  • SLEEP! Stress and being fatigue has a huge impact on our lives and health. Make sure to get enough rest during pregnancy (even through the insomnia episodesJ). I know the mom pregnant with her second child is now kind of smirking, because who sleeps?? J But try to make the time to get those precious hours of sleep while you are growing your next miracle.

When I held my baby in my arms for the very first time, my skin was the furthest thing on my mind. However when everything came back to reality and I realized that the baby bump is now just a bump, it struck me. Will my skin ever look the way it did before I fell pregnant?? Well you know what… the skin is the largest organ in the human body. Its capabilities is absolutely amazing!! For it to stretch to the point where you think it’s going to burst and then stretch even further, after birth it stretches back gradually over the next couple of months, is just incredible to witness. Again, EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT! Some people might feel their skin never “stretched back”, or that it’s very loose still even a couple of years post birth. While other feel they bounced back straight after birth.


  • COMPRESSION: One of the best things I did with both my pregnancies is wearing a compression garment as soon as my babies were born and my body recovered. This is an old method of getting the tummy to “shrink” back quicker. PLEASE just check with your Doctor before doing anything like this. Everybody heals differently, and let’s face it… child birth is no walk in the park! In my case I had my garments on the first day I got home.
  • EXFOLIATION: My method of body exfoliation is dry body brushing. I usually do this straight after my shower and then moisturize. I’m now 7 months post pregnancy, and still body brush every day.
  • MOISTURISE: Make sure your skin stays moisturized and healthy. It is now going through a major change again after stretching so much. The healthier and hydrated your skin is, the slimmer the chances are to get severe stretchmarks. Use any product that is safe during breastfeeding.

Sometimes you can take all the precautions you want, but you will still end up with sunburn, or in this case … stretch marks/loose skin/excess weight etc. So now your next option is to TREAT the concerns:


Treating Stretch Marks

At Dermology we have world class equipment to treat scarred skin and get brilliant results. I always think of stretch marks as a stretchy balloon. When you stretch it, the balloon color goes lighter, when you stretch it back, it goes back to its original color or even darker. The treatment choices will depend on the type of stretch marks, what they look like and how severe they are. So the options will include or a combination of the below:

  1. Broad Band Light (BBL)
  2. Profractional
  3. Nano Laser Peel
  4. Chemical Peels
  5. Skin Tyte
Treating Loose Skin

After both my pregnancies I experienced a lot of loose skin on my tummy. I have treated this successfully after my first pregnancy, and I am now busy treating my skin again. The best combination here is:

  1. Skin Tyte
  2. Profractional
  3. Nano Laser Peel
Get rid of Excess Weight

This is one of the most common post-birth concerns we deal with often here at Dermology. We can pick up extra weight in different parts of our bodies during pregnancy, not just the tummy or the bum. Other areas that woman also carry extra weight in often are Thighs, Arms and of course the Face. So you have tried the normal avenues like eating healthy, joining a gym, drinking lots of water, and this ensured for some or even dramatic weight loss. But now you still have weight that does not want to move. This is where we will step in:

  1. Medilean: An effective and very popular medical weight loss program. This includes an in depth consultation with our Aesthetic Doctor and guidance and support to follow the program and get your results.
  2. Ceccarelli: Fat Loss Injections IDEAL for the small stubborn spots for example under the chin, on the tummy and even under the bum.
  3. Laser Lipo: This is also known as the mini-liposuction. A once off procedure to get rid of unwanted fat.

We see this type of pigmentation on a daily basis. Melasma is very common during pregnancy and even after pregnancy. At Dermology we have tried and tested procedures that works brilliantly for this concern. Melasma needs to be treated in a specific manner in order to get a result and also maintain that result. Some options we use to treat it:

  1. BBL: A great method, but we approach it completely differently as how we would treat normal pigmentation.
  2. Cosmelan/Dermamalan: Very effective on all skin types.
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