The Benefits of BBL™ Acne treatment

BBL Acne™ – as one of the most effective treatments for acne available today, Blue Light Acne treatment is a safe and non-invasive method of treating acne. Blue Light Therapy targets the sebaceous glands, and not the surrounding tissues, killing the bacteria that cause acne. It also diminishes further outbreaks, allows the skin to heal faster, and has been found to reduce the need for oral antibiotics and other oral medications. Many patients see significant improvement in their acne after two to four weekly treatment sessions of Blue Light Therapy.

BBL™ Acne treatment  (Blue light therapy)

Don’t worry there is no need to treat the pimples! Leave them alone! They will go away! They are a part of growing up!” How often have you heard these words? Unfortunately, quite often! It’s truly sad, because pimples do not really go away. Maybe only the mild ones do so! The other pimples and the large zits definitely do not heal spontaneously. They need active treatment otherwise they leave behind the Legacy of horrendous scars! Acne scars are no joke – and if you suffer from them, you will agree that they undermine your self-confidence and dampen your social life. The anxiety from these scars can dominate your personal and professional life. The agony of always wanting to continuously hide your face is with you at all times.

How does the BBL Acne™ treatment work?

Your Skin Specialist will clean the skin and then apply a thin film of gel on the treatment area. Blue Light Therapy treatments are relatively quick and easy. A light source is placed close to their face for about 20 minutes. Most patients do not experience any discomfort during exposure to the light, and they can get back to their normal routine afterwards.

What should I expect after treatment?

Slight pinkness can be expected directly after your treatment, however it is considered as minimal to no downtime. In the case where patients want to apply makeup straight after the treatment, it is safe.

How many treatments will I need?

Many patients see significant improvement in their acne after two to four weekly treatment sessions of Blue Light Therapy.Touch ups can be done monthly or every 3-6 months, again depending on the severity of the acne.

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