The Benefits of Body Sculpting

Body sculpting will ensure that you enjoy new no- or minimally-invasive treatments and techniques that any skin glitch or ageing problem can solve. Even knife-loving plastic surgeons are adding these new methods and non-invasive approaches to their smorgasbord of offerings because they know it is what we often want – a far less invasive, less downtime procedure that has a natural effect.

Who needs body sculpting?

Body sculpting is for anyone wanting to achieve a leaner, more toned appearance which can be attained through exercise regimes and body wraps – but also through surgery and injections.

Although as a general rule of thumb individuals don’t really “need” this procedure the quest for excellent health combined with a sleek and youthful appearance will be a deciding factor for those wanting to embark on the variety of body sculpting treatments that we offer our clients at Dermology.

Non invasive body-sculpting:

  • Select an exercise routine which is a combination of flexibility and cardiovascular training together with light weights or exercise bands to shape and tone the body without escalating overall bulk.
  • This type of exercise routine is similar to cross training but with no body stress.
  • Further non-invasive body sculpting options include body wraps using natural ingredients applied to detox the entire system and in so doing, greatly reduces cellulite.
  • Body wraps are able to firm and tighten primarily because of loss of water weight although with temporary results.

Why body sculpting?

  • A feeling of overall wellness is attained.
  • Diseases such as osteoporosis and other illnesses are minimised plus one’s metabolism is increased resulting in even more fat being burned.

New devotees say that an expert doctor, dermatologist or plastic surgeon carrying out any of the treatment s involving body sculpting at our state-of-the-art skin care clinic in Sandton ensures there is only a minimal amount of discomfort when the more invasive forms of body sculpting are undertaken.

With the more invasive Laser Lipo you can expect:

  • Heat is introduced with a laser into the targeted location which encourages collagen output to produce a flat, firmer, sculptured result.
  • The fatty deposits are easily absorbed and discharged through the body’s metabolism.
  • During the process the laser seals off minor blood vessels.
  • This minimises bruising as well as cutting back on downtime.
  • Laser-lipolysisis performed under a local anaesthetic and most patients are fit to return home right after completion of the procedure.

There could also be a little swelling which will soon settle especially if this is done around the eyes. The up-side is that results are immediately noticeable and the effects will last for a couple of months. Find out more about invasive and non-invasive body sculpting if you want to have that svelte figure you have always dreamed of.

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