When do we recommend the Fire and Ice chemical peel?

It has always been well known that skin types 1 – 3 responds best to chemical peels, due to lighter hair and fair skin. However, at Dermology we have seen that darker skin types can also achieve a wonderful improvement when treating specific concerns like acne, superficial acne scarring, oily skins, uneven skin tone, dark spots and overall rejuvenation.

We generally recommend the Fire and Ice Peel chemical peel for overall skin rejuvenation, but it is a wonderful procedure specifically for concerns like pigmentation, acne, acne scars, uneven skin tone and dark spots.

How Does It Work?

The Fire and Ice chemical peel is used for overall rejuvenation at Dermology, but also helps to improve specific concerns like pigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tone, superficial lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scarring. By removing dead skin cells on a regular basis, we are stimulating the natural healing process of the body and cell renewal.There is no downtime after the Fire and Ice chemical Peel; therefore it can be done during your lunch hour or right before a function.

When Do We Advise Against It?

Having a Fire and Ice chemical Peel on skin that was sunburned or that has broken skin like sores on, can be very sensitive for the patient. Therefore we always advise to avoid a Fire and Ice chemical Peel until your skin is completely healed. It is also not a good idea to do any sort of aggressive hair removal on the area to be peeled, within a week before or after your Fire and Ice peel.

What can you expect from the Fire and Ice chemical peel?

There is no downtime after a Fire and Ice chemical peel; therefore you will be able to pop out in your lunch hour or even Friday after work to get ready for your big function over the weekend. Immediately after your Fire and Ice chemical peel, you can expect slight redness that will only last for an hour or so. However, after a course of Fire and Ice Peels, you will experience an improvement in pigmentation, sun spots, acne, superficial acne scars, soft lines and wrinkles.

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