Profractional XC™ improves various types of scarring.

Using the latest technology for treating acne scarring, this procedure promotes a wound-healing process that stimulates specialised cells (fibroblasts) to generate new collagen, plumping the skin and correcting skin imperfections.  This laser can be used to treat most skin types and requires little preparation.

What type of scars can be treated?

Most scars can be improved successfully with Profractional XC TM  such as:

  • Acne Scars
  • Keloid Scars
  • Post Traumatic Scars
  • Surgical Scars

How many sessions would you need?

The amount of sessions will be depending on the scar. During consultation the Skin Specialist will take the scar’s size, thickness, age, skin texture and colour into consideration when presenting a formal quotation. Generally we start off with 4 Procedures with intervals of between 2 and 4 weeks.

Will it hurt?

Before all laser procedures, a topical anaesthetic cream will be applied to the area for about 20 – 30 minutes. This will ensure that the procedure is much more tolerable.

What is a Profractional XC™ procedure like?

This type of procedure is much more advanced than the other fractionated treatments previously available. Profractional XC™ is faster and a lot more comfortable. The actual treatment length will depend on the size of scar, but generally it would be between 5 and 30 minutes.

What should I expect after the treatment?

Redness and a sunburn feeling can be expected straight after the procedure. At times the treated area can be a bit itchy as well, which is completely normal. The treated area can feel like sandpaper for next week or so, due to tiny scabs formed.

Which special aftercare will I need?

It is very important to keep the area moisturised and out of direct sunlight. Therefore lots of sunblock needs to be applied daily. Scabs should not be picked or rubbed off.

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