Our clinic in Sandton offers a variety of treatments and solutions for those stubborn, fatty deposits that don’t want to budge. Perhaps the most effective solution to breaking down stubborn fatty deposits is by treating the condition with  Laser Lipo – otherwise known as Laser Lipolysis which is an innovative treatment designed to remove excess fatty tissue in areas that are stubbornly resistant to both dieting and exercise.

Laser lipolysis or lipo-sculpting treats the more delicate parts of the human body; furthermore the good news is that there is no bleeding, no general anaesthetic, no trauma to the body and a reduced risk of infection. Laser Lipolysis is the hot new treatment that has been created to take care of those problem areas that ordinary creams and massaging cannot fix. If you would like skin treatments done to improve your overall look and would love to have that youthful glow once more but without invasive surgery, we will be able to offer you a wide range of skin treatments that will take years off.

Laser Lipolysis Procedure

Low doses of light laser therapy to various parts of the body that contain fatty deposits that prove to be resilient are applied.

The laser energy breaks down the membranes of the fatty cells in order for the fat to be distributed throughout the body turning it into energy.

What is brilliant is that the skin, blood vessels and nerves are not affected during the process, which is used to break down the cellular structure to release Triglycerides which are easily processed by the body.

High-intensity exercise is recommended after completion of the treatment to burn off excess fat.

There is no recovery time as the entire process is non-surgical.

Our expert team of professionals at our clinic in Sandton offers a wide range of solutions with innovative treatment options designed specifically to remove unwanted fatty tissue resistant to exercise and diet.



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Disclaimer: Dermology’s goal is to produce the best results possible for all of our clients however, everyone’s skin and body is different. Responsiveness to results and final outcomes of treatments may vary amongst clients.