Four of the Most Commonly Asked Questions about Dermal Fillers

Which dermal filler you select is dependent on what you set out to accomplish. It is important for your medical practitioner to understand what you would like to improve and how long you would like your dermal filler to last.

Patients need to be more aware of any serious side effects; that is why it is important to use a medical professional to administer dermal fillers.

What types of Dermal Fillers are available?

  • Dermal fillers fall into specific categories: – these are synthetic or natural, absorbable or non-absorbable.
  • Today, numerous synthetic fillers have proven to be effective.
  • Artefill, for example, a non-absorbable artificial filler is often used and is made of micro-beads floating in bovine collagen.
  • Radiesse is absorbable synthetic filler which is semi-permanent because it lasts only one to two years.
  • Sculptra, on the other hand, is a semi-permanent filler that causes the body to form collagen around microspheres.

What are injectable dermal fillers?

  • Injectable dermal fillers have been specifically created to erase wrinkles, enlarge lips, stimulate collagen, amplify volume, and re-establish the overall youthful outline of the face.

What are the typical areas that dermal fillers are used to treat?

  • Wrinkles around the lips – also known as the perioral area.
  • The area between the end of the nose to the lips – the nasolabial folds.
  • Wrinkles around the lip area
  • The cheeks.
  • Marionette lines (jaw line to the corners of the mouth).
  • Scars that have been caused from acne.
  • Jaw sculpting.
  • Hollow under-eye circles, hollow cheeks, brow lifts and cheek lifts.
  • And last but not least, lip augmentation.

What are the types of wrinkles that dermal fillers treat?

Dynamic wrinkles with age will lead to static wrinkles as the collagen in our skin becomes depleted and the continuous motion literally breaks the skin. Dynamic wrinkles are usually the result of facial expressions and the repeated movement of our faces and each and every time we use a muscle in the face, a furrow will form underneath the epidermis and that is why we start to see lines forming.

Through time our skin loses its elasticity and stops springing back to its once youthful state, becoming etched on the face in permanence in the form of wrinkles and fine lines.

Needless to say, dermal fillers are the very latest anti-ageing wonder treatment as it helps to firm, contour and lift the skin by stimulating the growth of new collagen over a period of time. The visible effects are quite remarkable, lifting the eyebrows to open up the eye area; lifting up the curves of the cheeks, giving the lower half of the face a more oval-shaped and youthful appearance; lifting of the lines around and under the mouth; and firming of the sagging skin under the chin and jowls.

You can expect to look up to 10 to 15 years younger and the results can be quite dramatic – the secret with dermal fillers, though, is to always use a top team of medical professionals at all times to achieve the greatest and safest results.