My gran always said: “Explore everything, but only keep the good”

As we grow up there are so many enticing things to explore… socialising, wardrobe, new hairstyles etc. We don’t have to keep to strict rules anymore like keeping hair and nails short, no make-up and skirts below the knee. Now this sounds like the best time to get your skin tattooed!

WRONG! Even though there are people who LOVE their tattoos, we see patients daily who regret getting a tattoo. Nearly 30% of people in Johannesburg have at least one tattoo. But not all of them are happy about their decision. As many as 25% of those with a tattoo say they regret getting it. At Dermology we often remove tattoos  (with laser tattoo removal) that are over 10 years old. But we also have our fair share of new tattoos e.g. patients popping in on Monday to remove a tattoo that was done over the weekend! Tattoos have become very common; and it is not strange to see a person with a tattoo anymore.

But if you regret having your tattoo done, Read on….

No Regert

This first question most people will Google is: “What is the Best way to remove a tattoo?”

There are a number of older tattoo removal treatments that have been used in the past to remove tattoos like Surgical Excision or Dermabrasion, however these are out-dated and not recommend as often anymore. Luckily, there have been some great advances in the  laser technology used to remove tattoos. With the creation of the advanced Q switched laser, laser tattoo removal is now a safe and effective way to fade or remove your tattoo.

WHY Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser Tattoo Removal is a popular removal treatment to safely remove most of the tattoo with minimal scarring. It will be a longer process than excision; however the skin will not be left with a big scar as with surgical removal.

A new tattoo consists of big ink molecules lying in our skin. Our body recognises ink molecules as a foreign substance in the skin, and will gradually start to break the ink molecules down and effectively start to work them out of the body through our body elimination processes (natural exfoliation and lymphatic system). This is a gradual fading can be noticed in older tattoos. When we remove a tattoo with Laser, we break those molecules down further and basically speed up the “fading process”. The smaller the ink molecules, the quicker the tattoo will fade with each laser tattoo removal treatment. This is the reason why older skin tattoos can be removed quicker than newer tattoos.

Lasers tattoo removal sees dark colours (black) best. Therefore the darker your ink is, the better chance of thorough removal of the tattoo will be. Tattoos done with light blue or green won’t be removed completely.

We have been doing Laser Tattoo Removal treatments at Dermology for a few years now, and have achieved brilliant results. Whether you have a small tattoo on your wrist or a big sleeve, we will be able to assist.

If you could handle GETTING the tattoo, you will be able to handle the laser treatment. It’s a similar feeling. At Dermology we do apply a numbing cream on the area to be treated before hand, this is not compulsory though and can also be done at home before coming in for your laser tattoo removal treatment.

What can I expect afterwards? Your skin will be red and swollen after the treatment, and then heal gradually from as the days go on. The area gets treated exactly how you would treat after getting fresh tattoo done.

Generally it takes between 6 and 12 treatments removal treatments to remove a tattoo with laser  or to reach a satisfactory result. Tattoos cannot be completely removed, but it can definitely be lightened a lot to the point where it is no longer visible.

Taking the tattoo age, colour and size in mind, your laser specialist will provide you with a quote that will indicate how many sessions you will need of laser tattoo removal  and what the cost will be.

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