Safe Mole Removal is a No-Brainer

By 8 January 2015 Articles & Media

The last thing you want is to have complications due to the removal of a mole. This is why it makes sense to choose only professionals for safe mole removal. 

Although the risk of a mole becoming malignant in your lifetime is in the region of one in 12 000 for females and one in 10 000 for males you should always ensure you are vigilant regarding moles.

When it comes to a mole versus melanoma we should take note that:

  • Whilst most people do have moles, very few individuals actually get melanoma.
  • The risk of a mole becoming malignant in a lifetime is about one in 12 000 females and one in 10 000 for men.
  • This, of course, does not mean that you should ignore your moles – being relaxed about a mole is not smart and should always be checked if there is a concern about this.
  • If you suspect you have a melanoma immediate action should be taken as it is often fatal.


The risk of someone dying from early detected melanoma is less than 5% – this is usually when the melanoma is less than 1mm deep. The risk increases quite substantially more than 40% if the melanoma is more than 3 mm deep – and as is the case with most cancers the early detection of a melanoma could be the difference between life and death.

These are the things you need to look out for if you think your mole is suspicious:

  • If the diameter is more than 5 mm you should always have it checked out.
  • If the mole is asymmetrical it should be looked at by a medical professional without hesitation.
  • Colours that seem suspicious, are variegated and include black, red and brown should be a warning sign.
  • If your mole changes in any way at all over a period of time should send out a big warning sign.
  • Self-examination is all-important – perhaps diarise to check your skin every couple of months – stand naked in front of your mirror and check all the areas of your body methodically and take note of any changes.


Although literally thousands of moles are removed annually quite successfully; should the mole turn out to be melanoma and the right steps not taken to eradicate the condition, there could be serious implications.

Never remove your own mole, and always seek expert advice and medical treatment immediately if you are unsure whether your mole is only a mole or something a little more sinister.

The in-house team at our skin clinic in Sandton will ensure the correct removal of your mole is undertaken by experts and professionals. Mole removal might seem insignificant – rather be save than sorry.

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