Soft Silhouette Threading Treatment is a brilliant option for rejuvenating the skin – a procedure which is minimally invasive.

The treatment addresses two of the most pressing ageing challenges – these are ageing skin as well as wrinkles and lines that appear through the ageing process.

The procedure is quite straightforward, making use of bio-absorbable threads that are placed underneath the surface of the skin which lifts and restores any lost facial contours.

Furthermore, the threads stimulate the natural collagen of the skin resulting in a smoother and firmer appearance in the area that has been treated.

This is what Silhouette treatment is best used for:

  • Silhouette Soft Threading Treatment is perfect for any individual experiencing mildly sagging skin as well as being excellent in the upper face and cheek areas, working well to tighten any sagging skin around the jowl area.

It is often referred to as a one-stitch face lift – the reason for this is:

Silhouette Soft Threading Treatment places specially-formulated sutures underneath the skin which are then in turn secured in place by bio-directional cones.

Silhouette Soft Threading Treatment usually lasts about eighteen months and in some instances will enjoy longer periods – this is all dependent on the individual’s response to the threads.

Silhouette Soft Threading Treatment can easily be combined with other treatments such as facial fillers which usually address issues such as the loss of volume of the cheeks or other treatments that boost the firming properties of the skin.

This is where the expertise of your aesthetician will come into play as advice will be administered regarding the treatment best suited to your individual skin type and loss of volume.

The threads don’t have to be removed as they are slowly absorbed by the body which in fact helps to stimulate collagen production which is great for restoring some skin firmness, resulting in the reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Areas that are best used to treat using Silhouette Soft Threading Treatment include:

Areas that are commonly treated include the lower jaw, cheeks and cheekbones, contour, eyebrows and neck.

Some of the side effects that can be expected include bruising, skin puckering and a couple of small indentations where the threads have been inserted, but which are quite temporary.

Silhouette Soft Threading Treatment is perfectly safe and if you would like to restore volume and reduce wrinkles, this is an excellent option.