To sweat excessively can be extremely embarrassing and just simply annoying. Lots of people struggle with this concern on a daily basis on different areas of their bodies. Generally, with excessive sweating comes the smell as well. All in all this something that we treat often at Dermology. It’s something that can be treated and something you don’t have to go through.

Also known as HYPERHIDROSIS.

What causes Hyperhidrois?

Excessive sweating can be triggered by many things like your mood or the weather. However people suffering from hyperhidrosis sweat all day, every day.

Are there any risks involved?

The only risk involved, is when you do not seek further help to determine WHY you are suffering from Hyperhydrosis. This condition often shows up as a secondary symptom due to an underlying condition or disease.

Are there any other signs or symptoms?

There is a lot of moisture involved in the area affected. This can lead to infections later on, if not treated. Excessive sweating can often lead to the patient being negatively affected on a social level.

Who should I book an appointment with to treat the excessive sweating?

When you are suffering from excessive sweating, you should definitely book an appointment with a Specialist Dermatologist. They can diagnose the condition and prescribe necessary procedures and treatment plans.

Is it possible to prevent hyperhidrosis?

No, it cannot be prevented. But it can be treated.

Our Treatment Options:

This condition gets diagnosed rather quickly by a Specialist, taking the patient’s history into account as well as the clinical signs shown by the patient.

There are a few options that will be able to improve the person affected with Hyperhidrosis’s life. The severity of the condition as well as the area affected will determine the method of treatment.

Generally the approach to treat excessive sweating will proceed like this:

  • First patients will purchase normal anti-perspirants or any other home care remedy or advise available.
  • You also get anti-perspirants that are prescribed by Doctors.
  • Oral medications to reduce sweating
  • A more invasive method is to go for surgery
  • The most popular method and also offered at Dermology, is to treat excessive sweating with BOTOX

As soon as regular over the counter Anti-Perspirants are not enough, an ingredient called Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate can be recommended by Doctors to start treat hyperhidrosis. Even though this method can work relatively well for patients with Hyperhidrosis under their arms (armpits), it won’t be practical for patients with affected areas such as the palms of their hands or soles of their feet.

Oral medications can be effective; however they can also cause a few side effects like lack of sleep, blurred vision or dry mouth.

BOTOX gets injected into the tissue of the affected areas and then it starts to inhibit the release of the chemical that activates the sweat glands. This is not a permanent solution, but it is long term as it can last up to 6 months of relief for the patient. The good news is that this treatment option has been FDA approved!