Laser Tattoo Removal has become an extremely popular procedure at Dermology. It’s definitely te preferred method of removing a tattoo.

Ever noticed your tattoo fades over a certain period of time?

When we get Tattoo’s, the ink is inserted into the deeper layers of the skin by the Tattoo Artist. The ink consists of big ink molecules. As it is, the anatomy of the human body is absolutely amazing! Your body will recognise the ink molecules as “foreign” and will therefore start with a natural HEALING process. It will start off by gradually breaking down the ink molecules. As the molecule pieces get small enough, it will be picked up by the lymphatic system and naturally drained. This is why our tattoo’s fade as the years go by.

With Laser Tattoo Removal, we use highly advanced technology to speed this natural process up. Therefore we are able to break these molecules in smaller pieces quicker, in order to be absorbed and drained.

Not everybody is happy with their tattoos. At least 30% of the population in Johannesburg has  a tattoo, BUT not everybody is happy about getting their tattoo. According to statistics, at least 25% regret getting their tattoos at some point in their lives.

At Dermology we treat a lot of those patients who lives with that regret and now wants a way out.

How do we remove Tattoos?

There are a few options to remove tattoos, however we found that Laser Hair Removal is the most popular method due to it being the safest method on all skin types. The risk for scarring is still there, but not as much as with Surgical Excision.

We use the Q-Switched laser to break the ink molecules in smaller pieces, in order for this to be absorbed and removed through the body’s natural systems.

Who can get their tattoos removed?

All skin types can be treated by Dermology’s Laser for Tattoo Removal. It’s safe to use on all skin types and areas.

Can you remove all colours?

Laser Tattoo Removal works best of dark tattoos e.g. black. It does not work as effectively on light blue or neon green, due to the pigment being very light. In this case we approach a blending method, as well as adding in other Laser Procedures.

How long does it take?

The actual procedure is very short. However it’s a long process to remove a tattoo to a satisfactory level with Laser. We leave 4 to 6 weeks between sessions, and anything from 8+ sessions are needed, depending on the age of the tattoo.

Will the laser remove the tattoo completely?

Everybody is different. With some people the tattoo lifts very nicely, and some the actual skin underneath the tattoo will not be completely Tattoo-free after a certain amount of sessions. The skin will still show a shadow of ink, however you won’t be able to see what the tattoo looked like.

Will it be sore?

We always say, if you could handle getting the tattoo, you will be able to handle the laser. We do numb the skin about 30minutes before the procedure to make it more comfortable for the patient.