A vibrant, youthful look is associated with smooth skin, a well-defined jaw line and high cheekbones. Visible signs of volume loss and density, wrinkles and poor skin tone give the face a stressed look. The skin will also start to sag and have a droopy appearance. Volume loss can give a person a complete different look, or a misinterpretation of how a person feels.

The skin substance that gives our skin that plumping “volume” filling is called Hyaluronic acid. When there is a reduction in this substance and depletion of fat in the facial tissue, fine lines and wrinkles start showing. Elastin and collagen production slows down and this results in sagging skin, because the skin loses its structural support. In return poor blood circulation leads to dehydrated, course and dull skin, leaving the skin less radiant.

Who experiences Volume Loss?

Generally Volume loss shows in older people from their 60’s and up.

How do we treat Volume Loss?

Volume loss gets treated as it presents on the skin. Everybody is different and therefore needs unique treatment combinations.

At Dermology we treat volume loss with the following procedures: