What does Cosmelan® treat?

Cosmelan® is used to treat hyperpigmentation, a very common skin disorder. It presents itself in brown patches, often found on the hands and face, leaving the skin blotchy and uneven. In some cases it is referred to as: Melasma.

What causes hyperpigmentation?

Skin tone is defined by the presence of melanin. Darker skins have higher amounts of melanin, and lighter skins, have lower amounts of melanin. Often, Melasma occurs when there is an increased melanin production.

This creates a darker skin tone in some areas, leaving the skin blotchy and uneven. Causes of skin pigmentation can range from genetic predisposition – aggravated by high exposure to strong sunlight, to hormonal changes – such a pregnancy, menopause or taking oral contraceptives.

How does Cosmelan® help?

Cosmelan® acts by blocking the melanin-producing enzyme (Tyrosinase), therefore reducing the production of Melasma. A significant reduction in brown patches may be detected only one week after starting treatment. The appearance of new, luminous and rejuvenated skin is present, and skin continues to improve with the use of the maintenance products.

Benefits of the treatment

  • Compatible with all skin photo types (complexions)
  • Effective on most types of hyper-pigmentation
  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Skin is rejuvenated
  • Beneficial for acne scarring
  • No hospitalisation
  • Not painful
  • Can be applied to face, décolleté, hands and body

What to expect after the treatment?

Initially , the skin may be red and itchy with a burning and tight sensation. Some may experience swelling for up to 3-4 days. The skin may stay red for a long time, especially sensitive skin. In some cases, redness may be seen as darkening of the skin. Flaking/ peeling starts 3 days after the treatment and lasts 5-7 days.

What is the Cosmelan® procedure?

Phase 1

The better your skin is prepared, the better the result and the lower the risk of inflammation or discomfort. The Brightening Booster is recommended to be used for 6 weeks prior to the the treatment, and Melanostop 48 hours before the ask application will provide an added benefit.

Phase 2

The in-clinic treatment which takes about an hour, and involves the application of the Cosmelan mask. Once the mask is applied, you will be taken through the protocol carefully and you will be able to go home. You will be instructed to remove the mask after a specified period of time.

Phase 3

The final step in the de-pigmentation procedure. The maintenance period over the next 12 months is critical to the success of the Cosmelan® treatment. You will be prescribed home care products and given careful instructions to follow to best maintain your result.


In many cases a reduction in brown patches may be detected as soon as one week after starting treatment. Once peeling is complete, the skin will appear more luminous and rejuvenated, and should continue to improve with the use of
home care products.

If you struggle with excess pigmentation, book a consultation with Dermology by phoning 0118831031 or whatsapp 0764248809


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