“The art of creating the perfect skin is like following a recipe. Although everyone’s recipe is unique, it all starts by adding and combining different ingredients that have complimentary flavors that ultimately lead to making the most delectable dish.”


To be able to effectively put together a treatment plan to create the perfect skin it is important to take a step back to properly assess the skin from all angles. This usually gives you a complete over view to see what concerns you want to target and which combination treatment would be the most beneficial way to treat them.


  • Target and treat multiple skin concerns in each session.
  • Saves you time by combining treatments together.
  • Complimentary treatments help in achieving the final result.
  • Speeds up timeline to get you your desired treatment results faster.
  • Provides both short and long term treatment results.


At Dermology we are a team of experienced laser specialists and well qualified medical aesthetic doctors who have trained and perfected the art of cosmetic injectables. The medical aesthetic treatments provided can be put into your treatment plan to assist you in getting greater results.



These are some of our popular medical aesthetic procedures at Dermology


SubcisionPlasma Pen
PRPV & P Shots
Cryo TherapyMeso Therapy
Anti Wrinkle InjectionsFat Loss Injections
Dermal FillersThread Lifts
Liquid FaceliftNeck Bands


The use of injectables in modern day skin care plans has been found to be extremely effective in obtaining great treatment results. We are still able to achieve a very natural, non surgical looking result with the use of Botox, fillers and threads that are put into just the right areas to give a flawless finish that unfortunately the skin just can’t do alone.

The combination of injectables with skin care is complimentary therapies and often goes hand in hand. We would ultimately want to create a smooth and blemish free skin with treatments and then allow injectables such as Botox to limit excessive movement of the skin, fillers to plump up sunken-in areas and threads to lift up sagged skin that has lost its elasticity over time.


TreatmentIndicationsDowntime Period
BBL & Nano Peel (South Beach Peel)Pigment/Redness/Anti-aging/ Irregular Skin Texture7-10 Days
BBL & Profractional (Halo)Pigment/Redness/Anti-aging/Scarring 2-3 Day Split Between Treatments
BBL & Skintyte (Tyte and Bryte)Pigment/ Redness/ Sagged Skin/Loss of Elasticity 5-7 Days
BBL & Rejuvenating Skin Peel/ DermaplaningPigment/Redness/Anti-aging/ Irregular Skin Texture5-7 Days
BBL & Ndyag/Photo RevelationPigment/Redness/Anti-aging 5-7 Days
BBL & DLPPigment/Redness/ Anti-aging/Removal of raised lesions 7-10 Days
Profractional & Nano PeelScarring/Anti-aging/Skin Texture 5-7 Days
Rejuvenating Skin Peel/Dermaplaning & Micro needlingIrregular Skin Texture/ Rejuvenation/Anti-agingNo Downtime
Photo Revelation & Micro needlingRedness/Pigment/ Rejuvenation/Anti-agingNo Downtime
Rejuvenating Skin Peel/ Dermaplaning & SkintyteIrregular Skin Texture/ Sagged Skin/Loss of ElasticityNo Downtime

The skin has many different faces making it very uncommon for a single person to only have one major concern that they want to improve at a time, but rather multiple concerns. Combination treatments are the modern day method of getting you the best possible treatment results in the least amount of time. 

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