The Ugly Face of Beauty

By 22 October 2018 Articles & Media
Finding the right professional to do your Botox or Laser or Chemical Peel is much more important than shopping around for the best price… YES, I said it. Times are tough, and as consumers we tend to find numerous quotes to compare prices or find the best deals.


Just take a drive down your main road and count the amount of advertising boards you see with BOTOX or LASER on it. It’s actually scary to see that these services are being offered left, right and centre. That’s why it is SO important to do your homework!

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing your professional. In this article I will list 5 important factors not to overlook, in order to avoid the most dreadful experience of your life! Most of the procedures gets done on your FACE, something you cannot really hide on a daily basis.

1. Word of Mouth

There’s no better way to get references from people who ACTUALLY had the treatments done themselves at the specific practice. Here’s your chance to see real people with real results.

2. Qualified Specialists 

We see many different people here at Dermology who were left with scarring from a previous experience at a different place. Of course things like this happens to everyone, even to qualified specialists! But at least if it happens to you, they will be able to take care of you as well. By going to a reputable clinic with good reviews, you can be sure that the professional working on you are indeed qualified, and if something goes wrong, you will be in excellent hands!

3. Online Reviews

Do your homework. Invest that extra bit of time to research the clinic you are interested in going to as well as the procedure that is on offer. Social Media is a great tool as well to get a good understanding of a clinic. However keep an eye out also for paid advertising, especially by influential people.

4. Shopping

Be careful not to shop around and comparing prices. When the specific procedure is available at numerous clinics for a similar price, and you find one where the price is half the price… that should be a red flag. These procedures are firstly not cheap to do, the machines costs millions and the wear and tear on it is unthinkable. Rather compare the clinics that you know is offering the “real deal” than to look at clinics offering knock-offs.  (Yes, you get that in the aesthetic industry too!)

5. Photos

Although requesting before and after photos is not always the best way, because of things like photoshop, you can still see real results on the websites of the company or websites of the technology that they use. 

This is my two cents. I love our industry! It is growing at a rapid pace with new trends coming out frequently. Keep an eye on our social media and website for fresh content or sign up to receive our newsletter here. 

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