Top 5 Treatments for Pigmentation

When I get a phone call or an email in regards to treating pigmentation, it usually goes something like this… “I have tried EVERYTHING, but nothing works!”

It can be extremely de-motivating when you have pigmentation on your face that does not respond to anything you do to try and lighten it. At Dermology we have seen our fare share of all types of pigmentation and have build up great experience in the different types of treatment for all the different types of pigmentation.

Now you might not know this… but we get different types of pigmentation like:

  • Freckles
  • Sun Damage
  • Hyper Pigmentation
  • Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation
  • Melasma

Due to the different causes and depths of these types of pigmentation, we treat them differently. The skin type must also be kept in mind when treating any type of pigmentation, especially when using laser equipment or doing deep peels.

So HOW do we treat pigmentation at Dermology?

Chemical Peels

Depending on the skin types, chemical peels in combination with the right home care ingredients treat mild superficial pigmentation brilliantly. We use this method especially in case where dark marks were left behind after trauma, like acne or insect bites.

Our chemical peels do have cause the patient to have any downtime. It’s pain free, actually quite comfortable.

Click here to read more about the chemical peels we do at Dermology.

BBL Forever YoungTM

Say good bye to your freckles! When I treat with this procedure, I usually ask the patient to point out the beauty spot or freckle they would like to keep, because BBL brings pigmentation to the surface and then it gradually flakes off.

BBL is quickly becoming a familiar term to many people in the world. This procedure is recommended by Dermatologists world-wide, and is FDA approved. BBL Forever Young is the number one De-Pigmentation treatment. We generally do about 4 of these procedures to make sure we are not just treating superficial pigmentation, but also targeting deep pigmentation.

Click here to read more about BBL Forever Young and BOOK your first appointment today.

Profractional XCTM

You might have heard of FRAXEL before… well at Dermology we do a procedure called Profractional XCTM, which is the more advanced form of Fraxel. By creating tiny holes in the skin, we stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.
Profractional XCTM is also a brilliant procedure for tightening of the skin. Therefore we are not only treating pigmentation, but also creating a rejuvenating effect.

Read more about Profractional XC here.


MELASMA! Deep Hormonal Melasma responds beautifully with this procedure. Depending on the skin type, this peel stays on the skin for a certain amount of time. You can expect about a week of dry peeling skin, and noticeable difference in the Melasma after the peeling.

Cosmelan/Dermamelan are both very strong peels, that ensures that we speed up our normal cellular turnover processes. By speeding this up, pigmentation gets pushed to the surface and flakes off.

See it to believe it…. click here to look at some of our happy patients who had Cosmelan done.

Laser Resurfacing

Sometimes, even after a deep cosmelan procedure, very stubborn pigmentation can still be left over. We have treated this pigmentation by doing full field resurfacing. This technique removes the first layers of the pigmented skin. The body will heal naturally and new skin will come to the surface.

This method can be done on most skin types with extremely stubborn pigmentation. Read more about Deep Laser Resurfacing here.

There are many different types of procedures, potions and creams available in the industry. Therefore we have tried everything and kept the best! We tried them on ourselves, friends and family to make sure we know the full procedure inside and out.

Don’t let your pigmentation get the better of you. Something CAN be done about it. No more hiding, come to Dermology so that we can treat your pigmentation.


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Dermology’s goal is to produce the best results possible for all our patients, however, everyone is different. Responsiveness to procedures, protocols or ingredients may vary from person to person. Consultation are compulsory.