As the winter months have fast approached it is the ideal opportunity for us to use this time to our full advantage as the chillier weather forces us to cover up and stay indoors.

“In nature, bears use winter to hibernate. We could follow this example and re-construct ourselves during winter.”


As the saying goes summer bodies are made in the winter and this saying could not be more correct. Whether the changes are to improve the overall appearance of your skin, shed a few extra kilo’s or smooth out some unwanted lines around the mouth and eyes,  I have compiled a list including some of the hot top treatments on offer at Dermology this winter which are without a doubt suited to each and everyone’s needs, whatever the concern.


Medi Lean is a medical weight loss program based on the HCG diet developed by Dr A.T.W Simeon. It was found that by introducing the HCG hormone helps the body to release the excess fat stored in those extra ‘rolls and folds’ that can be used as ‘fuel’ and burned off for energy.

Having experienced this program myself I found the entire process really enjoyable and could not be more happier with the results. I had previously tried many different diets/eating plans and I found that this program provided me with the tools and guidance I so desperately needed. It is easy to follow and gives you the discipline required to keep pushing forward to stay on track, giving you the results and new body you deserve.

The program consists of daily injections and supplements that are followed for a course of 4-6 weeks at a time, after which point you can maintain your current results or you can decide to go back onto the program if you have not reached your ‘goal weight’. Medi Lean was not designed to be a quick fix but rather to prompt a change in lifestyle to develop new, healthier eating habits that make it easier for you maintain your weight loss results and enjoy the new, slimmer version of yourself for longer.


The Forever Young BBL in my personal opinion can easily be described as a little ‘genie in a bottle’ that can be sure to make your skin wishes come true.

BBL (Broad Band Light) is able to deliver light energy onto the surface of the skin to target and treat skin conditions such as pigmentation, fine wrinkles, red facial veins and correct uneven skin tone to name only a few. As long as there is skin this treatment can be performed anywhere on the body, popular treated areas including arms, legs, back and chest.

As the skin on the body is naturally more resistant to the ‘coffee’ granule ex-foliation process, it can take sometime to normalise. This makes it difficult to cover and protect the skin from sun exposure. Winter is the ideal time to rid those extremities of any previous sun damage and to show off Beautiful new unblemished skin. Treatments are often recommended 2-3 weeks apart for a course of 4-6 treatments for best results and with results so good you wont want to wait to show them off.
The BBL treatment is relatively comfortable and painless but a topical anaesthetic cream can be applied prior to make it more comfortable. The light delivered has a quick and slight elastic band sensation with a very mild sunburn feel lasting 1-2hrs post treatment. The heat given off from the light stimulates collagen production, cauterizes broken blood vessels and drives new skin cells to push any excess pigmentation up. The after effect will include slight redness, puffiness/swelling and a ‘coffee’ granule look covering the surface of the skin which takes up to a few days-few weeks to slough off.


Do you ever look at the older person in your reflection and wish you could just take an eraser to remove the lines that never were there before? At Dermology we pride ourselves in working with state of the art laser equipment that is exceptional at treating all degrees of ageing through the following various three approaches.


An extremely non-invasive and effective way to improve everything from the appearance of fine lines and uneven texture to scarring and enlarged pores. Each treatment is tailor made to bring your skin back to life by removing the superficial layers of dead and unhealthy skin. Laser peels can be done individually or combined with other treatments such as the Profractional Xc and forever young BBL.


A procedure that causes injury to the skin by using heat to create micro channels vertically into the skin. This injury creates a natural wound healing response that in turn will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin that is responsible for the thickness and firmness of the skin. Heat has an effective reaction when applied correctly to the skin, aiding in tightening areas of the skin around the eyes and mouth.


This is considered to be the ‘Rolls Royce’ laser procedure in targeted treatment of all signs of skin ageing, especially deep lines and wrinkles, and is the less aggressive alternative to the conventional face lift. This treatment uses a thermal laser to resurface the skin down to the base of the wrinkle using absolute precision and accuracy. Although healing can take longer than most procedures the results make it all worth it.

During the winter months we are more reluctant to want to spend time outdoors and out of the sun, therefore we should use winter to spend time indoors doing treatments that require a little downtime but will benefit your skin long term. Your skin is and always will be one of your most vital organs, therefore the preparation and recovery is so important to ensure that your skin is strong enough to handle each treatment done and manage the recovery period afterwards.

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