Dermology – Reducing Cellulite through a Couple of Life Changes

Cellulite is often described as orange peel syndrome, cottage cheese skin and even “hail damage” due the way it manifests itself. Cellulite affects up to 90% of post-pubertal females, and it has no direct connection with being overweight. Even relatively thin people occasionally suffer from this condition as it lies directly under the skin. It usually develops during, or after puberty, and occurs mainly, but not exclusively, in women. Why has cellulite become such an intense issue in today’s modern world – it is certainly not something that is life-threatening but rather something that we believe to be embarrassing and a cause of shame and self-consciousness among many women. The Cellulite treatment, TripollarTM, is a successful procedure together with a couple of life changes

What is cellulite – before you can treat cellulite you need to understand what it is:

  • Cellulite refers to deposits of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue, which gives a dimpled appearance to the skin surface.
  • Hormonal Factors, genetics, lifestyle choices and diet all have an effect on the severity of cellulite.
  • Women’s fat cells are stored in vertical chambers underneath the skin as well as the connective tissue.
  • Cellulite occurs in women but on occasion it can be seen on men.
  • Men that are in an androgen-deficient state and men who are given estrogen to treat prostate cancer usually have cellulite.
  • Men’s fat configuration differs to that of women.

These cells protrude a little and that is why it becomes visible to the naked eye.

Where on the body is cellulite usually found?

Cellulite will normally found on the inner, upper and back of the thighs, the buttocks as well as the hips.

The different types of cellulite that you get:

  • Cellulite is either hard cellulite or soft cellulite.
  • Soft Cellulite is only visible when the skin is squeezed tightly.
  • Hard Cellulite is easily visible as dimples are formed and no longer sensitive to the touch.

Cellulite does not mean that you are eating too much and can appear at any time – there is no specific age group when cellulite will start to develop either.

You can treat Cellulite by:

  • Changing your lifestyle – a healthier lifestyle is the best insurance that you have in both prevention and the cure of cellulite.
  • Start eating anti-oxidant rich food to keep the connective tissue strong.

What is TripollarTM?

TripollarTM Radio Frequency Technology offers the latest scientific development in the treatment of cellulite and body sculpting. Treating the root of the problem and not just the symptoms; by combining the effects of Mono-polar and Bi-Polar Radio Frequency, TripollarTM treats simultaneously the deep and superficial fat layers, smoothing out the contours of the skin, as well as causing a tightening effect in the area due to an increase in the production of collagen. Tripollar will in addition improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymph system to carry away excess waste and toxins that contribute to the orange peel effect.

How many treatments will I need?

A typical treatment course consists of 8 sessions. Each session takes approximately 45 minutes (depending on the treatment area). The option of maintenance treatments is available to anyone seeking prolonged and enhanced results.

Will it Hurt?

No, Tripollar™ focuses the energy right where it’s needed, During the treatment, a mild heating sensation can be felt. Immediately after the treatment, some redness and warmth can be seen and felt on the skin. Both should disappear within an hour or so following the treatment.
At Dermology we choose to reduce cellulite through Cellulite Reduction procedure Tripollar™ using Aesthetic lasers to achieve preferred results which should effectively take care of the structural components of orange peel skin with excellent results.
If you are tired of that dimpled look, contact us today to find out more about our medical Cellulite Reduction treatment, Tripollar™.



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