A vibrant, youthful look is associated with smooth skin, a well-defined jaw line and high cheekbones. Visible signs of volume loss and density, wrinkles and poor skin tone give the face a stressed look. The skin will also start to sag and have a droopy appearance. Volume loss can give a person a complete different look, or a misinterpretation of how a person feels.
The skin substance that gives our skin that plumping “volume” filling is called Hyaluronic acid. When there is a reduction in this substance and depletion of fat in the facial tissue, fine lines and wrinkles start showing. Elastin and collagen production slows down and this results in sagging skin, because the skin loses its structural support. In return poor blood circulation leads to dehydrated, course and dull skin, leaving the skin less radiant.

Causes of volume loss in the face:

External factors:

  • Sun damage and sun exposure
  • Chemicals or smoking, causing collagen production to degenerate.
  • Trauma

The following factors will determine HOW your skin ages:

  • Age: causing volume loss in the mid third of the face especially, you lose bone mass in the face and muscle atrophy also takes place in some degree.
  • Hormonal influences that makes oestrogen decrease in the body, causes the skin to become dry and dull and lead to less defined facial contours.
  • Genetics
  • Severe weight loss
  • Emotional stress
  • Medications

Where does volume loss in the face occur?

The cheeks, temples, lips and brow areas tend to lose volume as we age. As the cheeks lose volume and sag they usually move to a lower position. This leads to:

  • The folds from the nose to the mouth corners – nasolabial folds
  • Folds below the corner of the mouth – oral commissures
  • Sagging skin beneath the jawline – jowls

All together this gives the face a more squared shape. Where volume loss is seen in the eyebrow area, it exposes the upper orbital rim, this gives the face a think, bony looking appearance. Deeper lines on the upper lip occur where here is volume loss in the lips.

Treatments for Volume Loss:



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