Why Choose The Cutting Edge Skin Laser Treatment Route

Feeling and looking young is precious to many of us, but if it is not maintained it is quickly lost. Over a period of time, our facial muscles and skin loses its youthfulness and soon starts to sag; the cheeks and cheekbones lose their firmness and before we know it, the neck as well as the skin on the face begins to drop, slacken and wrinkle.

 Acne Scarring laser treatment


As far as the fountain of youth is concerned and the eternal quest for staying young, you need to ask yourself to what lengths will you go to in order for you to maintain that youthful glow and fresh look.

It is human nature to look and feel as young as possible for as long as is feasible. With the advancement of various skin laser treatment options it is not surprising that an increasing number of men and women are seeking solutions to looking younger for longer periods of time.

It is an interesting thought that those born between the periods from 1946 to 1964 are celebrating their half century on earth with more and more individuals of this age group facing the challenges of growing older.

Many Baby Boomers are now enjoying financial stability – a generation to be reckoned with, and as this group gets older it should therefore not surprise that their wallets are funding much of the anti-ageing beauty business, making a fair contribution to the industry as a whole.

If you are knife-shy there are a couple of options you can choose from to ensure that sagging skin is tightened non-surgically; one of these aesthetic and anti-ageing solutions being the cutting-edge thread lift.

Different types of skin laser treatments:

The 4D thread lift is the next best thing to a face lift – these innovative threads have a dual effect on any face or similar area.

Did you know that in 45 minutes you can wipe off several years from your face?

How do Thread Lifts work?

  • A local anaesthetic is administered.
  • The threads are painlessly and effortless inserted by one of the professionals on our team.
  • These threads are inserted with a needle to the areas that are problematic.
  • It is unbelievable that the results are immediate and the sagging skin will tighten immediately.
  • Your body will start producing new collagen which surrounds each and every thread.
  • This will result in your skin having an understated yet effective lift.
  • The results are different for each person.
  • Even though the results will differ – everyone who undergoes this procedure will end up looking naturally younger and fresher with a smoother skin.
  • There will be no scarring.
  • Recovery time is minimal.
  • Those with minimal sagging will benefit the most.
  • Cheeks and the neck area are the most common areas on the skin that are treated with thread lifts.

There is a distinctly understated “filled-out” look as the threads used contain poly lactic acid which will be absorbed into the skin tissue.

The production of collagen is stimulated and the area that has been treated will automatically be reshaped and refashioned.

Areas that will be positively affected when making use of a variety of skin laser treatments:

  • The thread lift can be used to firm up and rejuvenate the appearance of a sagging neck.
  • The same applies to treating sagging cheeks, drooping jowls and eyebrows that are no longer firm.

Because each treatment can be tweaked to your individual treatment needs and requirements, you will benefit individually.

But for those that are in their twenties and thirties take note that thread lifts are best suited to individuals that are in their forties up to their seventies.

If you are looking for that fresh and youthful appearance we offer a wide range of skin laser treatments at our professional Sandton based aesthetic laser and skin clinic.


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Dermology’s goal is to produce the best results possible for all our patients, however, everyone is different. Responsiveness to procedures, protocols or ingredients may vary from person to person. Consultation are compulsory.