Why More Women are Opting for Dermal Fillers At a Far Younger Age

There is a pertinent reason why more women are going for dermal fillers in today’s modern world more than ever before. For those of us that would like to have a young, supple skin forever but don’t like the idea of cosmetic surgery, there is, of course, a far less invasive method in the form of dermal fillers and anti-ageing serums that are the brand new frontier of anti-ageing that, if used effectively, can produce amazing results for your skin.

Dermal fillers are a scalpel-free treatment that are quick and effective for skin looking younger. The good news is that unless your skin has lost all of its elasticity, the scalpel and cosmetic surgeon can be put on hold – and probably for a very long time.

Dermal fillers means no more wrinkles and lines and are versatile in that they can improve the look of an ageing skin ten-fold, immediately.

There are two issues to take into account when opting for dermal fillers – the first is the loss of firmness and the second is the loss of volume.

About dermal fillers:

Dermal fillers are made from stabilised hyaluronic acid and are a natural element of the skin – in fact the second largest next to collagen.

Did you know that hyaluronic acid is able to hold 1 000 times its own weight in water to assist in restoring volume to the area which is being treated?

Fast facts about the “golden triangle”:

The “golden triangle” characterises a beautiful face; in your youth you probably had a heart or a triangular-shaped face with a full curve from the cheekbones to the lips.

Through time your face takes on the shape of an upturned triangle as the natural volume of your features turns downwards.

As you age you can expect a double chin, folds of skin in the neck area, and the heavy, sagging jawline so common that forms the base of the upturned triangle.

There is a scalpel-free answer to correcting the ageing process – the reason why more and more women (and men) are opting for this non-invasive treatment:

Starting off with a so-called “liquid face-lift” such as dermal fillers will restore volume and fill in those fine lines.

Botox is, of course, the other option. The two combined with innovative therapies will deliver acoustic sound waves

deep into the skin to stimulate collagen formation and you will be able to look up to ten or fifteen years younger immediately.

Why women are queueing up to have liquid face-lifts:

With dermal fillers it is possible to rapidly restore the youthful volume of your skin. The latest eight-point techniques use a blunt-tipped micro-cannula to inject hyaluronic acid into the fatty layer of the skin. This reduces the trauma of bruising and associated pain – this is opposed to the effects of sharp hypodermic needles.

The results are immediate and the face is lifted and fuller. Furthermore the restoration of volume in the cheekbone area can be seen right away and the sagging skin of the jawline and the deep furrows between the nose as well as the corners of the mouth disappear.

After the procedure, which last for no longer than an hour, minimum swelling can be expected but within 24 hours the full effects of the treatment will be apparent.

The main reason why more women are opting for dermal fillers at a far younger age is primarily for preventative measures to pre-empt the formation of fine lines and wrinkles instead of trying to repair the damage at a later age.

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