LEARN MORE about Pigmentation , Sundamage, Freckles and Hormonal Pigmentation.

Ace Treatment


LEARN MORE about Acne, how to reduce excess oil, breakouts and maintain healthy clear skin.


weight loss-dermology


LEARN MORE about the real Laser Lipo and what you can expect of this once-off Procedure!

Tightening treatment

Facial Tightening Treatment

LEARN MORE on how to tighten your skin safely and effectively and soften lines and wrinkles.


Acne scarring treatment

Scarring Treatment

LEARN MORE about Acne Scarring Treatment  about all scarring e.g Acne Scarring, Keloids, Hypertrophic Scars, Flat Scars AND how to treat them.

Redness Treatment

Rosacea Treatments

LEARN MORE about what causes redness on the skin and what can be done to reduce it and maintain the results.



LEARN MORE about the LATEST Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Treatment that has taken the world by storm.


Celebrity Treatments

“I need it now!”

LEARN MORE about the Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Skin Treatments!

laser Pigmentation Treatment

Dark Skin Treatments

LEARN MORE about all the different procedures that are safe and effective on all skin types including dark skin.

When it comes to finding a Dermatologist; Skin Clinic or Aesthetic Laser Centre, there can be absolutely zero compromises on quality or professionalism. Your body is your temple and should be treated as such. Dermology Aesthetic Laser and Skin Care Clinic boasts that our employees are some of the finest in the industry, which leaves you with the reassurance that you can trust us to look after your dermatological requirements. Our exceptional team of dermatologists and laser specialists are trained to treat a range of conditions such as pigmentation, acne, laser hair removal, weight loss, scarring and many other treatable ailments.

We also stock a wide range of effective anti ageing creams and products with the most powerful ingredients, designed to fight off wrinkles and fine lines, the result is natural, beautiful and youthful looking skin, turning back the clock so you can look and feel younger every day.

Located in Morningside in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg, we are easy to reach from all surrounding areas such as Midrand, Fourways, Bryanston and Greater Johannesburg. Our friendly, efficient and professional staff are guaranteed to make you feel comfortable and cared for no matter the reason for your visit.




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